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5 Overlooked New York Review Books Classics – Fiction

For over 50 years, The New York Review of Books has been a go-to source of in-depth criticism, opinion and ...

10 2019 Debuts by Writers of Color That You Need To Read

Don't miss out on these spectacular 2019 debuts by writers of color, featuring stories about the Iranian Revolution, a Muslim feminist, and more.

RIP Tin House: Legendary Literary Magazine to End Print Run

As a young creative writing student, Tin House was the first literary magazine a professor ever gave me, and it was ...

New November Fiction Out in the UK

A roundup of new fiction out in the UK in November.

Highlights of the Best Fiction Books Coming Out of UK in October

Look out for these fiction books coming out of the UK this October.

Your Must-Read Book Club Suggestions for 2018

Have your book club picks been going a little stale? Here’s a hot selection of book club suggestions for 2018 to get your group talking.

I See My Queer Self in Murakami’s Magical Realism

How the reality-shifting work of Haruki Murakami speaks to this queer reader.

The Cruelest Story Ever Written about Australia (By a Nobel Laureate You’ve Never Heard Of)

Is there anything more ‘Australian’ than rejecting the greatest writer we’ve ever produced?

Exciting UK Books Out in January

Dig into these UK books hitting shelves this month.

Of the 70 Writers Nominated for the 1967 Nobel, Meet the 5 Women

Get to know the four women who were nominated for the 1967 Nobel.

UK Fiction Preview For the First Half of 2018

Grab your TBR: this preview of UK fiction for the first half of the year will have you adding more books to it.

Bloomsbury Modern Classics: Must-Haves for Fans of Literary Fiction

Your favorite contemporary reads now have beautiful new editions from Bloomsbury.

Bite-sized Reads by Literary Giants

Catch up on works from some of the biggest literary names with the VINTAGE MINIS series--20 pocket-sized books encompassing the whole spectrum of life.

“I Just Feel”: In Praise of Simplicity in Fiction

On the literary taboo and beauty of using the phrase "I feel" in writing.

8 Works of Fiction Out in the UK This August

A round-up of the best fiction out in the UK this month.