#Literary Activism

Action Item: Literacy Activities and a Classroom Library in NY and CA

Bookish good you can do today.

Action Item: Books For Young Readers in Texas, Florida, and Connecticut

Throw some money to get awesome books into the hands of kids in classrooms across the USA.

Literary Activism: Reading for Refugees

Support refugees by staying in with a book and donating the money you would've spent on dinner out.

Action Item: Lego Storystarter in Kansas & Read for Refugees

Bookish good you can do today.

Librarians Provide the Tools for Readers to Rise Up

Libraries in many communities are acting as flash points of resistance. Check out some of their rad resources here.

Action Item: Fill Diverse Classrooms In NC, SD, and TX With Diverse Books

Throw a few bucks to help stock these classrooms with diverse books.

Action Item: Graphic Novels in NM & Revisiting Liberation Library

Do some good by funding these literacy projects.

Open, Inclusive, Diverse, Free: Libraries Are for Everyone

A new movement has emerged in the library world: libraries are for everyone.

Action Item: Future Readers and Writers in TX and NJ

Let's fund these classroom literacy projects.

Freedom to Read: The 1939 Alexandria Library Sit-In

Decades before the lunch counter sit-ins of the Civil Rights era, a group of black men in Virginia were sitting in for equal access to books.

Action Item: Bilingual Books in NY and WA

Do some good by donating to classrooms in need of books for their immigrant and ESL kids!

Libraries Resist: A Round-Up of Tolerance, Social Justice, & Resistance in US Libraries

US libraries showcase their commitments to inclusivity, social justice, tolerance, and more.

Write Your Democracy

Write Our Democracy is a new organization founded by VIDA co-founder Erin Belieu. The organization strives to help writers organize and stay motivated.

Feminist Bookstores & Small Acts of Resistance

Feminist bookstores have a lot to teach us about how to survive and make change under Trump. Here are some ideas.

Action Book Club: Readers Start a Ripple Effect of Good Deeds

This week, Little Free Library launched the Action Book Club, which combines reading with positive community action. Now, they want you to sign up!