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#Literary Activism

Action Item: Diverse Classroom Libraries in SD & MD

Donate to these public classroom libraries!

Action Item: A Summer Book Mobile For Middle Schoolers and Activism History for Young Readers

Let's throw money at these projects.

Action Item: Classroom Libraries in MA and CA

Do some good by sending books to classrooms in need!

Action Item: Flood “Books N Bros” With Money

Let's throw money at Books N Bros.

Writing Our Way Out: How to Take Inspiration in the Time of Crisis, Via Lin-Manuel Miranda

How the work of Lin Manuel Miranda inspires writers to keep fighting the good fight.

Are Libraries Doomed? How Libraries are Funding Themselves

How libraries are attempting to raise their funding and provide necessary services in the face of Trump's budget cuts.

A Teacher’s Guide to Literary Activism in the Classroom

Tips to diversify your classroom in not-super-obvious ways!

‘Women, Their Rights, and Nothing Less’: Literary Activists of the Woman’s Suffrage Movement

Some of the best feminist writers of the U.S. suffrage movement.

15 Ways To Be A Literary Advocate

15 ways you can practice literary advocacy right in your own community.

Literary Activism: Writopia Lab

Learn about Writopia Lab, a space where children and teens can take writing workshops in all genres.

Accio Books! How Wizard Activists are Building & Saving Libraries All Over the World

Accio books! Katie from the Harry Potter Alliance talks about their yearly book drive for libraries around the world.

Action Item: Classroom Libraries in NY and CA

Do some good by sending books and literacy tools to public classrooms in need.

Action Item: Fund Diverse Classroom Libraries in SC and CA

Let's fund these classroom projects.

Action Item: Bilingual Dictionaries in CA & Robotics in ME

Do some bookish good by sending books to public classrooms in need.

Action Item: Funding Social Justice Libraries for Classrooms in CA, IL, and MN

Let's fund these classroom libraries