8 Beautiful Black, Queer, Coming of Age Stories

I often wonder what my life would have been like if I had access to Black queer coming of age stories like these when I was younger.

13 Gloriously Queer Witch YA Fantasy Books

Let yourself fall under the spell of these thirteen queer witch YA books full of magic, mischief, and LGBTQ romance, including How to Succeed in Witchcraft by Aislinn Brophy.

Poems About Coming Out To Read On National Coming Out Day

Everyone's experience coming out is different. These poems capture the fear, joy, backlash, and relief that comes with coming out.

Drag Queen Bingo at Library Cancelled After Threats, Though Majority Support It

The IL library was mailed a bullet with the threat "more to come." But the majority of the community supported their Drag Queen Bingo event.

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Queer Songs That Need to Be Made Into Books ASAP

Songs like "Boyfriend" by Dove Cameron pack so much queer feeling into a few minutes, but I want the whole story over hundreds of pages.

Queer Superhero History: Extraño

In Queer Superhero History, we’ll look at queer characters in mainstream superhero comics, in chronological order. First up: Extraño!

Texas School Board Bans the Word “Transgender” from District

This "Don't Say Trans" policy forbids promotion of "Gender Fluidity" or pronouns that don't match a person's sex, among other restrictions.

Queer SFF for the Genre-Shy

Whatever your reasons for being genre-shy, I hope these excellent queer books, including Greenland by David Santos Donaldson, bring just the right amount of magic into your reading life.

8 Witchy Books Full of Trans & Nonbinary Magic

I bring you these trans and nonbinary witch books, because there is something inherently magical about queer, trans, and nonbinary lives, including Cemetery Boys by Aiden Thomas .