#Kickstart This

Feminist Book Club Experiences Second Break-In & Needs Help to Recover

What was meant to help create a worker-owned coop in Feminist Book Club has turned into a need to recuperate from a series of office break-ins.

Fund These Classroom Libraries to Show Teachers Some Appreciation!

For Teacher Appreciation Week, help fund these classroom library and literacy projects in deserving classrooms!

Why Do People Choose To Publish Their Books Via Kickstarter?

How have authors used Kickstarter to publish their work? What successes have they seen and how have they found their readership?

5 More Comics Kickstarters You’ll Love

Creators have launched some amazing comics projects on Kickstarter in the new year. Have a look at a few of that caught our attention.

Kickstart This: Handbook of Inks & Paints of the Middle-East

A huge response to one of Joumana Medlej's Twitter threads led her to revive a project to make a handbook of traditional inks and paints of the Middle East.

Kickstart This: New Lit Fest, Palestine Writes Back

So It Grows: Kurt Vonnegut Museum Looks for Support in Relocation Effort

The Kurt Vonnegut Museum & Library needs to raise $1.5 million by May 15, allowing them to fund a relocation and begin renovations.

Fund This Awesome Fat-Positive Magazine: FATVENTURE MAGAZINE, Volume 2.

Kickstart This: The Vulva Gallery — The Book!

The Vulva Gallery is an illustration series of all kinds of vulvas with the goal of educating. And now there's a Kickstarter to make it a book.

Check Out This Kickstarter: Heroic Girls In Books—A Wall Chart

Check out the Kickstarter for Heroic Girls in Books--A Wall Chart, celebrating amazing ladies in literature (and take a look at even more bookish charts)!