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Writing Of Gods And Mortals: A Madeline Miller Interview

In this Madeline Miller interview, we talk gods and mortals, witches and ancient women, her ongoing fascination with Shakespeare, and how Circe would respond to Trump himself. Basically, all the good stuff.

Interview with Alison Gaylin and Megan Abbott, Creators of Normandy Gold

We sat down with Alison Gaylin and Megan Abbott, creators of the comic NORMANDY GOLD, to talk about their latest work, their inspirations, and how women are viewed in media.

How PoC-Only Bookstore Duende District is Changing the Game

Angela Spring has launched a pop-up, mobile bookstore that only sells work by people of color. Here, we chat with her about trends, customer experiences, and the joys and troubles of her job.

Interview with Tami Charles, Author of LIKE VANESSA

In 1984, Vanessa Williams was the first black woman crowned Miss America. She had an unforgettable impact. We interview Tami Charles, author about a book where Vanessa inspires a young girl to pursue her dreams.

World-Building in Romance: A PRINCESS IN THEORY

Alyssa Cole talks to us about the world-building process for her new contemporary romance, A Princess in Theory.

Author E. Latimer Chats About Writing, Anxiety, and Her Fascination with Oscar Wilde

E. Latimer has always been intrigued by Oscar Wilde. So it comes as no surprise that the YA Fantasy writer ...

Interview With Sloane Leong, Author and Artist of Prism Stalker

Sloane Leong has a new comic series out with a POC lead and high stakes in space! Book Riot is happy to interview her about Prism Stalker, out in March 2018.

Interview With Jen Wang, Author and Artist of THE PRINCE AND THE DRESSMAKER

Jen Wang sits with Book Riot to talk about her latest work, THE PRINCE AND THE DRESSMAKER, a graphic novel about fashion, gender identity, princes, and finding people who will love you as you are.

A Chat with Author and Musician Tanuja Desai Hidier about Deep Blue She and the 15th Anniversary of Born Confused

An interview with Tanuja Desai Hidier on the 15th anniversary of her book BORN CONFUSED, her new music video, and more.

An Interview with Tanaz Bhathena on Her New YA Book A GIRL LIKE THAT

Lucas interviews YA author Tanaz Bhathena about her new book A GIRL LIKE THAT, gender equality and abuse in modern-day Saudi Arabia, and more.

Dinner with Rasputin & Dieselpunk: An Interview With GREEN LANTERN Writer Ron Marz

We chatted with GREEN LANTERN writer Ron Marz to discuss his new graphic novel BEASTS OF THE BLACK HAND, Kickstarter, and crowdfunding.

The Challenge of a New Anthology: Ms. Aligned 2

A peek at the creation of the Ms. Aligned 2 anthology.

An Interview with METAPHASE author Chip Reece

We chatted with Chip Reese, creator of METAPHASE, a comic with superhero thrills and an all-ages look at what it's like to live with a disability.

Exploring New Ways of Reading Comics

We chatted with Tia Vasiliou, a digital editor at comiXology, to discuss comiXology's Guided View and new ways of reading comics.

Interview with Ben Hatke, Author and Artist of MIGHTY JACK

Ben Hatke sits down with Book Riot to describe his recent graphic novel duology MIGHTY JACK. He also discusses gardening and fairy tales.