Scary reads are the best reads! Take a deep dive into our horror content to find recommendations for the best horror books out there–just don’t forget to put them in the freezer before you go to bed.

Summer Scares: 18 Horror Books That Will Chill You to the Bone this Season

Escape the heat this summer by reading these eighteen truly chilling new horror books, including What Moves the Dead by T. Kingfisher.

Get Scared This Spring: This Season’s Most Anticipated Horror Books

Find every kind of chill to set your reading life on fire with these spring 2022 horror releases.

The 25 Most Influential Horror Novels of All Time

How many of the most influential horror novels of all time have you read? Sink your teeth into some powerful thrill rides, including The Haunting of Hill House.

Intro to the Social Horror Genre

What is social horror? A look at the stories that blur genre lines while speaking to current social challenges.

Scared Six Feet Under: 10 Horror Novels Set Underground

Ever thought about what lurks underground? These 10 horror books— featuring everything from body to space horror— suggest that you should, including Unearth by Cullen Bunn and Kyle Strahm, Illustrated by Baldemar Rivas.

Horror Where the Supernatural Takes a Back Seat

Reflecting on the power of messy genre classifications, horror, and why books where the supernatural is in the background are powerful.

Read These Fright Now: New Psychological Horror

Either your mind is playing tricks on you or something sinister's afoot. Prepare for chills with these these new psychological horror reads.

It’s a Bloodbath, Baby

They tried to destroy her, but you can’t keep a bad b*tch down. We're raising a glass to the bloody fictional legacy of Elizabeth Báthory.

That’s Not a Friends Group, Honey. That’s a Cult.

A list of cult horror books, because if there’s one trope I love, it’s a cult with unknown, malicious intent.

10 Bone-Chilling Horror Thrillers

These horror thrillers, including The Only Good Indians by Stephen Graham Jones, blur the lines between the genres by containing a series of unsettling events leading up to a final horrifying climax.