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12 Indigenous Memoirs for Nonfiction November and Indigenous Peoples’ Month

Each of these Indigenous memoirs is unique, representing the experience of moving through the world as a Native person on stolen land.

The Best LGBTQ-Inclusive Relationship Books

These LGBTQ-inclusive relationship books offer advice specific to queer readers, from sex and dating to long-term queerplatonic friendship.


These books like KILLERS OF THE FLOWER MOON are some of my favorite nonfiction works. Find your next read here.

9 New November 2023 Nonfiction Releases to Curl Up With

This November's array of new nonfiction releases are perfect for cozying up with as it gets darker earlier.

20 of TikTok’s Favorite Nonfiction Books

TikTok can be a haven for lovers of different genres, nonfiction included. Here are 20 of the best nonfiction books on TikTok.

May The Pop Culture Be With You: 8 Titles To Get You There

These fascinating pop culture books dive into culture, community, gender, race, disability, society and more through music, film, and TV.

Truth Telling: 10 Great 2023 Nonfiction Books You (Maybe) Missed

Fill your brain to the brim with 10 Great 2023 Nonfiction Books You (Maybe) Missed. Don't let these amazing nonfiction reads pass you by!

Nonfiction About Witches, Ghosts, and Other Odd Creatures

These nonfiction books scrutinize zombies and werewolves under the lens of science, explore haunted houses, and examine the legacy of witches.

8 Fabulous New Nonfiction Books to Add to Your TBR in October

October is full of fabulous nonfiction books to add to your TBR, from a speculative memoir to a mediation on bears and the natural world.

Sea It To Believe It: 10 Great Books About Oceans and Ocean Life

Strap on your fins and dive into this post about great recent books exploring our oceans and the life that can be found there, including The Underworld: Journeys to the Depths of the Ocean by Susan Casey.