#Genre Kryptonite

GENRE KRYPTONITE is a regular feature about genres we have an inexplicable weak spot for. Check out previous entries here.

Genre Kryptonite: Monster Girls

Why one reader can't get enough of monster girls in fantasy.

Genre Kryptonite: The Unwilling Heir

Fantasy novels that explore the trope of the reluctant heir to the throne.

Genre Kryptonite: Smart People Doing Sexy Things

Erotic romance recommendations with smart, capable characters doing sexy things. Scientists, businesswomen, video game designers, & more!

Genre Kryptonite: More Killer Plants

Why one reader can't stop reading scary books about killer plants.

Genre Kryptonite: Adding X-Men to Anything

How one reader can't stop reading books described as "X-Men + literally anything."

Genre Kryptonite: Non-Celebrity Memoirs

A round-up of excellent memoirs that aren't written by celebrities. Dig in!

Genre Kryponite: Boarding School YA

One reader's favorite YA novels that take place in boarding schools.

Genre Kryptonite: Books about Nesting

Books about making your house a home.

Genre Kryptonite: Cold Case Crime

There’s something exciting about watching someone unearth a crime from the past, long after its impact has been made and players have moved on.

Genre Kryptonite: I Will Read Your Diary

Why one reader can't resist reading diaries.

Genre Kryptonite: East Asian Crime Noir

One reader talks about her recent fascination with East Asian crime/noir novels, the stories she's recently devoured, and why she can't get enough of these books.

Genre Kryptonite: Books About Archives and Museums

Books for those who can't stop reading about museums and archives.

Genre Kryptonite: Characters Who Love Books

Chick Noir: Awful Name, Awesome Genre

Choreography Bibliography: These Ballet Books Are On Point(e)