#Genre Kryptonite

GENRE KRYPTONITE is a regular feature about genres we have an inexplicable weak spot for. Check out previous entries here.

Genre Kryptonite: YA Family Dramas

Read about estranged parents, secret siblings, long-buried secrets, multi-generational stories, and more in these ten fantastic YA family dramas!

My Kryptonite: The Final Frontier and Space Comics

Genre Kryptonite: Queer Ladies Solving Crime

Three excellent crime novels starring queer women!

Genre Kryptonite: Characters Who Fall in Love by Writing Letters

One reader's weakness for characters who fall in love writing letters to one another.

Genre Kryptonite: Compelling Family Sagas

Why one reader can't get enough of books about family drama.

Genre Kryptonite: Fish Out of Water Stories

Three excellent stories wherein people are thrown into unfamiliar and uncomfortable situations.

Genre Kryptonite: Rebel Poets in YA Fiction

YA novels featuring rebels and poets.

Genre Kryptonite: YA Novels With Strong Sibling Relationships

Five YA novels featuring strong sibling relationships.

Genre Kryptonite: Quiet, Personal Mysteries

Books to read if you like your mysteries more personal than procedural.

Genre Kryptonite: Medical Memoirs

Best medical memoirs from doctors and patients.