Now is the Time to Strengthen Your Reading Habits

From the simplicity of reading what you enjoy to the power of pro help, here are numerous tips to help you strengthen your reading habits.

Welcome To Our 2020 Holiday Gift Guide!

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Why I Still Use — and Like — Goodreads

It stinks for book discovery. It can be mired with bad behavior. But I still love Goodreads and won't give it up.

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How six libraries have adapted services to reach patrons during COVID-19.

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Beyond 2020: the Deeper Story of American Politics in the Trump Era

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Citizenship is an Outdated Requirement for Literary Prize Eligibility

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We're celebrating the creepiest time of the year with the Haunted Riot, featuring some of our favorite shiver-inducing reads!

A Call to Vote and an Endorsement

A letter from the Book Riot editorial staff about the importance of voting, and an endorsement for Joe Biden for president.