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Marvel Needs to Take a Break from Events

One Rioter discusses why Marvel really needs to take a break from events.

3 On A Comics Theme: Lego Batman Movie Readalikes

Want to read Batman comics based on some of the themes and characters within THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE? Thomas as you covered.

Read Harder, Graphic Style

Want to fulfill Book Riot's 2017 Read Harder challenge using only graphic novels and comics? Amy can help.

8 LEGO Building Books for fans of LEGO Batman: The Movie

If you want to get your hands on some LEGOs after Lego Batman, we can help.

Kelly Sue DeConnick: Smashing the Patriarchy and Reaching New Audiences

We talk to Kelly Sue DeConnick about smashing the patriarchy. (Also, comics).

POWERLESS: The Good, The Eh, and What I Want to See

Looking for a new show to watch? POWERLESS is quirky, clever, and funny.

5 Graphic Novels to Watch For in February

Keep an eye out for these 5 can't-miss graphic novels releasing in February.

The Best Comics We Read in January

What were the best comics Rioters read in January? Take a look at our list.

NY Times Removes Comics Bestseller Lists: Why this is a problem

The New York Times removed its comic bestseller lists last week. We think that's a mistake.

5 Helpful Comics for Would-be Canadian Citizens

Current events have you thinking of moving to Canada? Read these comics for a better sense of the U.S.'s northerly neighbor.

To Punch or Not to Punch a Nazi? That Is Not the Question.

The writer of Captain America, who made Cap a secret Nazi, has now decided to make "you shouldn't punch Nazis in the face" the hill he dies on.

5 Graphic Novels President Trump Needs to Read

Reading expands our minds and world view. One Rioter thinks President Trump needs to read these graphic novels.

100 Must-Read Comics

100 excellent comics (mostly not superhero, mostly not DC or Marvel!)

5 (More) Comics That Should Be Adapted for the Stage

We'd love to see these comics adapted for the stage.

January Comics Giveaway

We're giving away some great comics! Enter to win at Book Riot Comics!