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8 of the Best Korean Graphic Novels

From translation to storyboards and recipes. Here's a list of 8 of the best Korean graphic novels you can read right now!

There Is One Good Fantastic Four Movie, Actually

In 1962, a Fantastic Four movie was made that by all appearances is amazing. Tragically, we can’t see it, because it took place in a comic.

Reboots, Retcons, and More: A Comics Explainer

If you're wondering what a "retcon" is or just how and why comics can jump from issue #14 to #642, we've got just the explainer for you.

8 of the Best Audiobook Adaptations of Graphic Novels

Audiobook adaptations of comics, like The Sandman by Neil Gaiman, often come with a full cast and offer a whole new perspective on the story.

Profiles in Supervillainy: KGBeast

The subject of today's comics supervillain deep dive: Anatoli Knyazev, otherwise known as the KGBeast.

What’s the Deal With Marvel Movies?

Does the Sony Spider-Man vs. Marvel Spider-Man thing confuse you? Buckle up, buttercup, we've got some explaining to do about Marvel movies.

Nonfiction Now: 10 Books I’d Love to See Adapted Into Comics

Ever see a book and now it’d translate so well to another format? Here are a few nonfiction books that would be phenomenal as comics, like South to America by Imani Perry.

12 Essential Storm Comics

Marvel's Storm is set to feature heavily in Destiny of X. From the lowly Morlocks to Wakanda to Mars, here are the essential Storm comics.

12 Best DC Villains

DC Comics is filled with wonderful heroes and horrifying villains. But who are the best DC villains? Here are our top 12.

Getting the Job Done: Superheroes and the Immigrant Experience

Superheroes have been used as a metaphor for just about everything. One of the most enduring comparisons is the superhero as immigrant.