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Free Comic Book Day is Back!

Free Comic Book Day is back!! Before you head to your local comic book store, check out our faves and remember to support your local.

First Appearance Flashback: Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will be his second headlining movie, but what did his first comic appearance look like?

#Superhero Problems: So You Have to Fight a Pharaoh

Think pharaohs are a thing of the past? You must not be a superhero, who often find themselves in Ancient Egypt fighting an evil pharaoh.

Comic Book Legend Neal Adams Has Died at 80

From creating iconic superheroes and groundbreaking storylines to fighting for creator rights, Neal Adams was a legendary comic book artist.

Why Moon Knight and Mental Health Representation Matters to Me

It's powerful to see mental health issues depicted in different types of art, and Oscar Isaac in MOON KNIGHT has blown me away.

No More Evil Superman Stories, Please

Superman, the Man of Steel, has long been one of the paragons of comic books. But it's time to say: no more evil Superman stories, please.

The Supreme Guide to Doctor Strange Comics (Before You Enter THE MULTIVERSE OF MADNESS)

Before Multiverse of Madness drops, get acquainted with this Marvel hero in our guide to Doctor Strange comics!

A Reflection on Batman Actors Represented on the Screen Throughout the Years

How many portrayals of Batman have you seen over the years? One reader— and watcher— recounts the many Batmans of her life and their merits.

Marvel Comics Making Cool Character Changes This Year

These 5 Marvel comics are making cool character changes this year, from Peggy Carter as the First Avenger to new faces in the Spider-Verse.

Knight in Stolen Armor: Moon Knight and Other Heroes Who Got Their Powers Illegally

Some of our favorite superheroes got their powers from mystical artifacts—but were these artifacts theirs for the taking?