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We love capes and tights, we love graphic memoirs, we love web comics– we love it all! Stick around for comic book news, first-looks at comic book art, and (of course) comic book reviews. We’re also here to talk about all those comic adaptations!

9 Rad Comics With F/F Relationships

Check out this roundup of some of the best comics starring lesbians and featuring f/f relationships for readers of all ages.

A Purrfect Fit: 80 Years of Catwoman Costumes

Celebrating 80 years of Catwoman: a look at the various costume choices for the character.

Escape to the Past With These 5 Historical Manga

Need a break from the present? Dive into the past with these historical manga series, which feature epic quests, blood-soaked revenge, or gentle romance!

3 Great Modern Fantasy Books Imagined as Graphic Novels

Taking a look at three imaginative modern fantasy books and reimagining them as visually stunning graphic novels.

B-List Bonanza: DC Comics Hero Deadman

B-list comics villains are getting the spotlight, but what about lesser known comics heroes? Get to know one such hero known as Deadman.

Hmmm: How to Read The Witcher Books and Comics

Even before the hit Netflix series, people were asking how to read The Witcher books. And comics. And anything else we can get our hands on.

3 Graphic Novels to Help Kids Prepare for Release into the Wild

Kids may have forgotten some lessons about interacting with peers once school's back in session. Prep them for back to school with these comics.

Vampires Through the Ages: the Comics Anthology We Need

What would a comics anthology following the progression of vampire lore from the ancient world to modern takes look like? Find out here.

8 Underrated Romance Manga: Fame, Demons, and High School

Currently on exams/final papers week in school, I really don’t have time to read a complete novel or just to ...

20 Superhero Books For Kids of All Ages

Superhero books for kids of all ages including stories about heroes from juggernauts DC and Marvel and original superhero inspired stories.

5 Graphic Novels and Memoirs That Are Also Outstanding Audiobooks

If you think comics can't work as audiobooks, think again! And check out these wonderful comics that have been beautifully adapted into audiobooks.


This week, we're going batty once more with BATMAN: UNDER THE RED HOOD, making a case for why the adaptation of the comic either passes or fails.

Read Like A Mother: 5 Comics and Graphic Novels About Awesome Mom Figures

Comics that highlight awesome mother figures that are perfect for giving to the moms in your life.

Upcoming Fantasy Novels That Would be Gorgeous Graphic Novels

Some of the books we've been waiting for are still being released as planned, and we're talking about which ones would make gorgeous graphic novels.

10 Manga Featuring Black Characters to Read Now

Do you love manga and need more books featuring characters of color? Then you need to read these manga books featuring Black characters now.