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Why Is Sexy She-Hulk Art So Dang Fun?

Was is it about these cheesecake She Hulk covers that are so dang fun? Oh yeah: it's that Jen is in on the joke.

Using Nonfiction Comics for Learning

An exploration of the range of nonfiction comics and how to use those comics to expand your learning.

9 Graphic Novels and Memoirs That Meet This Moment

In these moments of a lingering pandemic, increased racial violence, and loneliness, these comics like Good Talk offer insight — and relief.

How Graphic Novels are Made

Demand for graphic novels is skyrocketing, but how do they make it onto the shelf? Here's what happens behind the scenes.

12 Essential YA Historical Comics and Graphic Novels

Graphic novels like Boxers and Saints by Gene Luen Yang can bring history to life before your eyes, making it tangible and present in a whole new way.

#Superhero Problems: So You’ve Run Out of Heroing Money

Relying on giant piles of money to get the job done is a fine way to do business, until those piles suddenly vanish. What's a superhero to do?

Super Vacation: A Comic Book Travel Guide

Consider these wonderful...and maybe dangerous?...comic book locals for your summer vacation destination.

Tropes in Capes: Reporter Girlfriends

Every reporter girlfriend owes a debt to the mighty Lois Lane, who made reporters and superheroes indelibly linked in the public mind.

17 Novels That Would Make Great Graphic Novels

These stories, including The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern, are great in prose, but they are crying out for a graphic novel adaptation to bring the visuals to life.

Batman: Two Truths and a Lie – The Quiz

Think you're as big of a Batman fan as me? Then these 11 questions are for you in classic Two Truths and a Lie style.