#Bookish History

How Princess Mary’s Gift Book Sparked a Belief in the Existence of Fairies

The 1920s saw a certain corner of the world suddenly believing in fairies. Here's how one book in particular helped spread belief.

When Snoopy Ruled the Music Charts: The Story of “Snoopy Vs. the Red Baron”

The Peanuts gang have found a place in almost every creative medium, Including the Top 100! Here's the history of Snoopy vs. The Red Baron.

Revisiting a Viral Sensation 30 Years Later

A journey back to The Bridges of Madison County.

Share This Link 9 Times or Never Read a Good Book Again!

Share that link right now or ruin your reading life! Do it, do it now! Or, a brief history of chain letters.

Who Was Tessa Kelso? A Feminist History of the Librarian Pioneer

Learn more about the Los Angeles librarian who took on Dewey, fought against book bans, and tried to make the library a place for everyone.

Lesser Known Queer Literary Icons

The histories of these queer literary icons — who advocated through writing and books — should be part of the mainstream conversation.

The Bookish Life of Molly Ringwald

You may know her from The Breakfast Club or Pretty in Pink; let’s fall down the rabbit hole of the bookish life of Molly Ringwald, shall we?

An Honour to Be Nominated: A Guide to Major Book Awards

In this guide to major book awards, historical background is given, as well as categories, processes, and timelines.

O. What Fun: A History of the O. Henry Pun-Off World Championships

Welcome to the linguistic thunderdome! Here's the 45-year history of the O. Henry Pun-Off World Championships in Austin, TX.

A History of Frog and Toad

Frog and Toad are having a moment—but who was their creator? I write about the genesis of the series and the life of Arnold Lobel.