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Captain Marvel Merchandise

With its box office earnings totaling over half a billion dollars worldwide in its first week, Captain Marvel is a certifiable hit. And for those of us who are long time fans of Carol Danvers, we hold our arms wide open to fans coming to know her through the movies and say “WELCOME! There is so much more Captain Marvel merchandise available to purchase than there was in 2012!”

While you most definitely don’t have to buy anything in order to call yourself a fan, for myself, half the fun of being in a fandom is wearing a shirt proclaiming your love of something and running into other fans out in the world because of it. For those of us in the Carol Corps, we know how little Captain Marvel merchandise was available before 2019. Now you turn the corner at a retail store and there is a whole display of Carol Danvers action figures and dolls! What a world!

For new and old fans of Carol Danvers and the Captain Marvel movie, I’ve compiled a fairly comprehensive list of merch currently available to purchase. Let everyone know you’re a member of the Carol Corps!


Captain Marvel Merchandise Higher Further Faster tshirt

Higher Further Faster logo shirt from the Disney Store—$24.95

Captain Marvel Merchandise Maria Rambeau Photon Tshirt

Maria “Photon” Rambeau tshirt from the Disney Store—$26.95

Captain Marvel Merchandise Tank Top from Target

Captain Marvel tank top from Target—$16.99

Captain Marvel Merchandise long sleeve white shirt from Target

Long sleeve white shirt from Target—$17.99

Captain Marvel Merchandise higher further faster tshirt from Box Lunch

Higher Further Faster tshirt from Box Lunch—$28.90, and a similar version in red from Hot Topic—$26.90

Captain Marvel Merchandise yellow tank top from Hot Topic

Higher Further Faster yellow tank top from Hot Topic—$22.90

There are so many good tshirts and tanks available, I can’t even list them all here.


3 pairs of Captain Marvel socks from Target

3 pairs of socks from Target—$6.00

Captain Marvel Merchandise 5 pairs of socks from Hot Topic

Pack of 5 no-show socks from Hot Topic—$14.90

Captain Marvel Merchandise socks

Captain Marvel symbol socks from Box Lunch—$9.90

Captain Marvel socks by Stance

Captain Marvel socks by Stance from the Disney Store—$17.95

Jewlery and Watches

bangle bracelet with Captain Marvel symbol in gold

Alex and Ani Captain Marvel bangle bracelet from the Disney Store—$44.95

Captain Marvel Merchandise choker

Choker with Captain Marvel symbol from the Disney Store—$19.95

Captain Marvel watch by Invicta

Captain Marvel watch by INVICTA from the Disney Store—$419.95

Captain Marvel pendant necklace

Captain Marvel symbol pendant necklace from Hot Topic—$9.90, and a very similar version from Box Lunch—$16.90


Captain Marvel earring set of 5

Set of 5 earrings from Hot Topic—$10.90

Captain Marvel star earring and necklace set

Captain Marvel star earrings and necklace set from Hot Topic—$14.90

Hot Topic also has a watch, different hair accessories, a Captain Marvel necklace with charms, a large ringstackable ring set, bracelet set, and ear cuffs available.

Captain Marvel 3 earrings set from Box Lunch

A set of 3 earrings from Box Lunch—$16.90

Captain Marvel Higher Further Faster watch

Higher Further Faster watch from Box Lunch—$38.90

Captain Marvel Citizen Watch

Captain Marvel watch by Citizen from Macy’s—$350.00

Gold Captain Marvel symbol necklace

Captain Marvel symbol necklace from Etsy—$18.00

Dresses and Rompers

Captaiin Marvel Her Universe Disney Dress Shop Dress

Her Universe Captain Marvel dress from the Disney Dress Shop—$128.00

Halter Captain Marvel skater costume dress

Her Universe halter dress from Hot Topic—$59.90

Carol Corps dress

Carol Corps dress from Elhoffer Design—$325.00

Carol Danvers Her Universe romper

Carol Danvers Her Universe cargo romper from Hot Topic—$49.90

Captain Marvel Merchandise-Goose Edition

Flocked Goose Funko

Funko Goose the Cat, flocked! A Box Lunch exclusive—$14.90

Goose heat mug

Goose in space heat reveal mug from Box Lunch—$16.90

Captain Marvel Merchandise Goose the Cat shirt

Goose the cat face tee from the Disney Store—$24.95

Goose the Cat in Space racerback shirt

Racerback Goose in Space shirt from the Disney Store—$22.95

Captain Marvel Merchandise Goose the Flerken toy

Goose the Flerken plush toy from the Disney Store—$19.95

Purple tank top with pocket with Goose the Cat and Captain Marvel symbol

Purple tank top with Goose the Cat peeking out of the pocket from Hot Topic—$22.90

Captain Marvel Merchandise Grey shirt with Goose the Cat

Grey Goose the cat tshirt from Hot Topic—$22.90

Rainbow Circle with Goose the Cat from Captain Marvel in the center

Grey rainbow circle Goose shirt from Hot Topic—$22.90

Navy galaxy shirt with Goose the Flerken

Navy galaxy shirt with Goose the Cat from Hot Topic—$24.90

Jackets and Outerwear

Carol Danvers flight jacket

Carol Danvers Captain Marvel flight jacket from Hero Within—$139.00

Carol Danvers bomber jacket from Her Universe

Her Universe Carol Danvers Bomber Jacket from Hot Topic—$74.90

Her Universe Captain Marvel Star jacket

Her Universe Captain Marvel Star Jacket from Hot Topic, plus size—$84.90

Carol Danvers cargo jacket

Carol Danvers cargo jacket from Box Lunch—$64.90

Grey Captain Marvel sweatshirt

Grey cowl Captain Marvel sweatshirt from the Disney Store—$36.95


3 captain marvel headbands

Set of 3 headbands from Box Lunch—$12.90

Brown Carol Danvers pilot crossbody bag purse

Carol Danvers pilot crossbody bag from the Disney Store—$34.95

Gold Captain marvel symbol coin purse

Gold Captain Marvel symbol coin purse from the Disney Store—$26.95

Reversible mini backpack Captain marvel

Reversible mini backpack from the Disney Store—$29.95

Small captain marvel crossbody bag purse

Small crossbody bag/purse (for tweens) from the Disney Store—$16.95

Kids captain marvel backpack

Kids Captain Marvel backpack from Target—$19.99

Kids captain marvel lunchbox

Kids Captain Marvel lunchbox from Target—$10.99

Metal Captain marvel lunch box

Metal Captain Marvel lunchbox from Box Lunch—$19.90

Adult Captain marvel backpack

Adult Captain Marvel backpack from Box Lunch—$64.90

Kree Starforce mini backpack by Loungefly

Kree Starforce mini backpack by Loungefly from Box Lunch and also available at Hot Topic—$64.00. There is also a mini backpack in the Captain Marvel colors, but it’s currently sold out.

Kree starforce wallet by loungefly

Kree Starforce wallet by Loungefly from the Disney Store—$36.95

captain marvel wallet with flap from Box Lunch

Flap wallet from Box Lunch—$34.90

Captain Marvel wallet with star

Captain Marvel wallet with star from Hot Topic—$22.90

Captain Marvel dome purse bag from Loungefly

Dome bag/purse by and from Loungefly—$70.00

Captain Marvel zipper wallet

Matching wallet by and from Loungefly$38.00

Blue wristlet with Captain marvel star

Wristlet from Etsy—$60.00

Toys for the Young and young at heart

Captain Marvel glow in the dark funko

Captain Marvel glow in the dark Target exclusive Funko from Target—$8.99

Princess Sparklefists action figure doll

Princess Sparklefists action figure doll with lights and sounds from Target—$29.99, and a simpler action figure with no lights—$12.89

Carol Danvers with Goose the Cat action figure doll set

Carol Danvers with Goose the cat action figure doll set from Target—$19.99

Carol Danvers Kree Starforce action figure doll

Starforce Vers action figure doll from Target—$19.89

Special edition captain marvel doll

Special edition Captain Marvel doll from the Disney Store—$44.95

Captain Marvel figure set

Figure playset from the Disney Store—$14.95

Captain Marvel bobblehead

Bobble head figure from the Disney Store—$16.95

Maria Rambeau funko

Maria Rambeau Funko from the Disney Store—$12.95

Marvel legends Captain marvel action figure

Marvel Legends action figure from the Disney Store—$19.95

Lego skrull attack captain marvel set

Skrull attack Lego set from Target—$29.99, also available at the Lego store

Hot Topic Funko exclusive Carol Danvers wearing bomber jacket

Carol Danvers Funko wearing bomber jacket an exclusive from Hot Topic—$12.50

Kids Clothes

Kids captain marvel skirt and top

Skirt and top set from Walmart—$11.97

Kids Captain marvel tankini swuimsuit

Tankini swimsuit from Walmart—$11.88

Kids "Sorry I was late I was busy saving the universe" purple captain marvel shirt

Purple “Sorry I was late, I was saving the universe” shirt from the Disney Store—$18.95

Kids captain marvel costume shirt

Captain Marvel costume shirt from the Disney Store—$16.95

Captain Marvel costume pajama set for kids

Costume pajama set from Target—$16.99

Kids Captain Marvel sparkle dress from target

Princess Sparklefists Sparkle Dress from Target—$19.99

captain marvel sequin shirt for kids

Red reversible sequin shirt from Target—$12.99

Kids navy knit Captain Marvel logo dress

Retro navy hoodie jersey dress from Target—$19.99

Captain Marvel jumpsuit for kids

An awesome jumpsuit from Target—$22.99

Captain Marvel baby onesies

Baby onesies from Target—$9.99

Enamel Pins

Captain Marvel logo pins

Captain Marvel symbol enamel pins from Etsy—$10.00

Captain Marvel pager enamel pin

Captain Marvel Avengers pager enamel pin from Etsy—$12.00

Blockbuster Video Captain Marvel enamel pin

Blockbuster Video Captain Marvel enamel pin from Etsy—$10.00

Captain Marvel Mondo enamel pin

Captain Marvel enamel pin from Mondo—$10.00, Nick Fury pin also available

Other Captain Marvel Merchandise

Captain Marvel sequin pillow

Reversible sequin pillow available at Target and the Disney Store—$19.95

Captain Marvel sequin journal

Captain Marvel logo reversible sequin journal from the Disney Store—$14.95

Captain Marvel drink tumbler

Drink tumbler from the Disney Store—$16.95

Captain Marvel symbol journal

Journal from Box Lunch—$14.90

Captain Marvel symbol car decal sticker

Captain Marvel car decal/sticker from Etsy—$8.00

Captain Marvel pajama set

Pajama set for adults from the Disney Store—$29.95

Sunday Riley Good Genes with Captain Marvel packaging

Good Genes in Captain Marvel packaging from Sephora—$105.00

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