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Nina Grauer

Staff Writer

Transcending charmingly eccentric and entering just plain weird, Nina Grauer is currently a Senior in Penn State's BFA Stage Management Program. She originally hails from Long Island, and hopes to settle in NYC, land of walking too fast. She lives with her dog in training, Pooka, and no one else because she's an introvert and is autistic. Please don't touch her.

Ever wanted to cover yourself in Calvin and Hobbes tattoos? Well, they might have something to say about that.

“Van Gogh would’ve sold more than one painting if he’d put tigers in them.” —Hobbes

And while a basic piece of flash might be fun, something tells me Hobbes would’ve felt similarly about tattoos, especially a Calvin and Hobbes tattoo. So bare that in mind as you pick your next piece of ink. Bill Watterson’s Calvin and Hobbes is a treasure-trove of adorable visuals and unusually insightful comments on everything from the evolutionary relevance of a sense of humor to special underwear.

These comic strips detail the adventures of  the precocious 6-year-old Calvin and his sardonic stuffed tiger, Hobbes. Below you’ll find a treasure trove of ways to cover your skin in all sorts of cartoon fun!

Minimalism Calvin and Hobbes Tattoos

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His friend: “Wow, you’re really hairy.”

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Or How About One of Those Iconic Quotes?

Or Maybe You Just Wanna Go All Out