Bust Out the Confetti: New Tana French in October

Prepare all the confetti and roundup all the ohmygod-I’m-so-excited gifs because Tana French has a new novel coming out in October. I don’t even know what to do with myself other than figure out how to get to the future or bring the future to me! But before I turn mad scientist I’ll give you the details.

The Witch Elm (Viking, October 9th) is French’s first standalone novel. It follows Toby, who leaves to take care of his dying uncle after Toby is attacked. But it’s not going to be the escape he needed because a skull is found at his family’s ancestral home. Dun, dun, dun! I am so here for some Tana French suspense.

If you’ve yet to discover this brilliant crime writer you could not spend your time better than making your way through her Dublin Murder Squad series which is both excellent in print and audio. Here’s why the series is a perfect binge read and here’s A Little Q&A with Tana French.

Is it October yet?!

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