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Bookish Bullet Journal Supplies for Readers

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Bullet journaling is an easy way to plan your day and keep track of anything you want. I think of it as a mix between a planner and a journal. As a book lover, you can use it to keep track of your reading list for each month, book releases, reviews, favorite quotes and so much more. It also gives you an excuse to buy some fun supplies. There are so many things you can add to your journal to personalize it and let it truly work for you. I’ve rounded up a list of some fun bookish bullet journal supplies for book lovers.


Spice up your bullet journal with these bookish printables.

Printable Book Tracker

Printable Book Tracker

Reading Log Printable

bullet journal reading log printable

Books To Read Printable

Books To Read Bullet Journal Printable


Design your bullet journals easily with stencils. Perfect for those who aren’t good at drawing and lettering or those who just don’t have the time to do all that.

Bookshelf Stencil

Bookshelf Bullet Journal Stencil

Planner Stencil

bullet journal planner stencils

Lettering Stencils


Go wild with adding stickers to your bullet journal. This is honestly one of my favorite bullet journal supplies.

Hedgehog Reading Books Stickers

Hedgehog reading books stickers

Book Tracker Sticker Set

Book Tracker Stickers For Bullet Journal

Cute Animals Reading Stickers

Cute Animals Reading Stickers

Book Lovers Sticker Pack

Book Lovers Sticker Pack

Vintage Book Stickers

Vintage Book Stickers

Book Quotes Sticker

Book Quotes Sticker

Washi Tape

Nowadays, you really can’t talk about bullet journaling without talking about washi tape. They come in an infinite variety of colors and patterns and are easier to remove than other tapes.

Magical Purple and Gold Foil Washi Tape

Magical Washi Tape

Color It Yourself Book Washi Tape

Color It Yourself Washi Tape

Vintage Books Washi Tape

Vintage Books Washi Tape

Book, Writing Materials and Coffee Washi Tape

Book, Writing Materials and Coffee Washi Tape

Books About Bullet Journalling

Of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without books. If you’re new to bullet journaling or you want to go learn more about it, here are some books that can help you out.

Beyond Bullets by Megan Rutell Book CoverBeyond Bullets: Creative Journaling Ideas to Customize Your Personal Productivity System by Megan Ruttell

Great for bullet journaling beginners, this book teaches you how to easily personalize your bullet journal with tips on lettering, artwork, lists, and more. Not everyone has artistic skills, but by reading this book you can learn how to add a little flair to your bullet journal the easy and fun way.

Bullet Journal Method by Ryder Carroll Book CoverThe Bullet Journal Method by Ryder Carroll

Written by the creator of the Bullet Journal system, this book explains the bullet journal method in its simplest form. This is a good start for beginners as it shows you how to really get the most out of your bullet journal without all the fancy supplies.

Supplies CaseS

You’ll have to keep your supplies somewhere when you aren’t using them and keep it all organized. Why not store them in a bag that screams “I love books”?

Bookshelf Print Pencil Case

Bookshelf print pencil case

Muggle Proof Pouch

Red Bookshelf Pencil Case

red bookcase pencil case

If you’re looking for more bookish bullet journal supplies check out this list of the best bullet journal supplies for readers and 8 of the best pens for bullet journaling. If you’re also in need of some bullet journal inspiration, check out these cool bookish ideas for your bullet journal.

Not a fan of fancy bullet journal supplies? No worries! You can keep your bullet journal simple—here’s one reader’s journey to starting a bullet journal without all the fancy stuff.

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