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Bullet Journal Supplies for Book Lovers 2021

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Kelly Jensen


Kelly is a former librarian and a long-time blogger at STACKED. She's the editor/author of (DON'T) CALL ME CRAZY: 33 VOICES START THE CONVERSATION ABOUT MENTAL HEALTH and the editor/author of HERE WE ARE: FEMINISM FOR THE REAL WORLD. Her next book, BODY TALK, will publish in Fall 2020. Follow her on Instagram @heykellyjensen.

Ready to improve everything in your life for the new year? Or maybe, more realistically, your goal is to just get a little more organized? For those who are seeking out the bullet journal habit for the first time or are long-time users of the organization method, the ability to make a bullet journal so customizable means that you can let your reading passion shine through. Bulk up on some awesome bullet journal supplies and keep your literary life in order.

Bullet Journal Reading Trackers

These handy reading trackers will let you keep tabs on what you’re reading, as well as what you wish to read during the year.

A gorgeous layout for keeping tabs on your reading. $3.50.

This downloadable four-page set of book trackers includes what you’ve read, what’s on your TBR, as well as spaces for writing down your thoughts about what books you’ve consumed. $3.

Fill in the spines with what you’ve read in 2021. Printable tracker, $3.

Keep a list of what you’ve read while also creating your own visual bookshelf with this set of tracking pages. (Bonus: if you use an all-digital planner, this is compatible!) $7.

Create your TBR for 2021 with this downloadable tracker. $2.

This reading tracker download is so neat! $2.

This reading shelf with a to-read layout features some Jane Austen inspiration. $2.

Here’s another option for a to-read tracker. The banner doesn’t come pre-colored, but when I saw the empty template, this color setup as above is immediately what sprang to my mind. $3.

The perfect design for your spooky-season reading plans…or, if you believe spooky season is unlimited, use this one all year long. $2.

Never forget what you’ve borrowed from the library nor when it’s due back. $1.

Bullet Journal Stickers

Stickers add flourish and personality to your bullet journal, as well as offering the opportunity to be an integral part of your tracking systems.

These book stack stickers add some great flair to your journal. $4.

Rate and review your books with these handy stickers. $4.

40 bright book stickers. $4.

These reading stickers are the definition of cozy. $4.

One word to describe these stickers: cute. $3.

If you don’t want to print or design a fancy layout for your reading life, these stickers will do the trick! $4.

This sticker set will give you the opportunity to rate your books. $7.

Add these stickers to your daily pages to highlight what you were currently reading at any particular moment. $4.

When wouldn’t you want to add a little jazz to your day with an open book sticker? $4.

A sweet lil corgi with its nose in a book! $3.

If we ever get back to the days of reading in cafes, these’ll be great. But even if that’s not for a while, these stickers are great for a reminder to make a cuppa with a good book at home. $4.

Short and sweet. $3.

Don’t forget to visit your library. $2.

For all of your audiobook listening time. $4.

Even more audiobook stickers! $4.

Bullet Journal Washi Tape

Use fun washi tape to decorate your journal or use it to identify certain tasks or appointments you want to notice at a quick glance. This is but a tiny collection of awesome book washi tape. If you’re itching for even more, you’ll love this big guide to bookish washi tape.

A beautiful bookcase would make for a nice topper to your pages. $5.

I love this bright bookshelf washi tape. $4.

This book washi tape features some rad red foil. $5.

Prefer your book designs and bullet journals neutral? This washi is for you. $9.

The tape reads “book it for books!” with little running books! $6.

Get holographic! $4.

This die-cut washi bookshelf tape is the definition of cute. $6.

Bookish Bullet Journal Stamps and Stencils

Want to create your own book tracker in your bullet journal? This book stack stencil was made for you. $9.

Another option for creating your own bookshelf template comes in the form of this book stencil—I’m a big fan of the plant and cat you can add. $8.

What a cute mini book stamp. $2.

Need a little due date stamper? Here you go! $14.

What a great sheet of book-themed stamps! $6.

Last but not least, don’t forget to read. $9 for the mini stamp.

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