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Hard and Heavy Brass Bookends For Your Shelves

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Sometimes the little bookends simply won’t due. They might be cute and perfect for a couple of books or for pure decoration (and no judgment—bookends are awesome and fine for aesthetic purposes only). But sometimes you have to call in the big ones for heavy-duty book holding. Enter brass bookends.

What I find especially appealing about brass bookends is that they’re often vintage and unique, so you won’t see the same bookends on every other person’s shelf. I’ve got a set holding my books that are themselves big open books and I’ve never seen bookends like them. Plus, they hold up the really heavy piles with zero issue.

But because many brass bookends ARE vintage, they might be one-of-a-kind or in limited supply. So if you see a set of them that you love in the roundup below and it’s gone, do a little more searching, as chances are if you have a brand or designer name or even a general idea of shape, e.g. brass elephant bookends, you’ll find another set just like it or darn similar.

It’s also worth noting that some of these might be an investment, so prepare to potentially put a little money in to get something you really love.

Beautiful Brass Bookends

As a fan of all things lagomorph, I adore these brass rabbit bookends. $141 for the set.

Maybe you need some sailboats to keep your books afloat. $32 for the set.

These Art Deco dancers are definitely conversation starters. $89 for the set.

Your books deserve a little beach life, too, with these brass shell bookends. $40 for the set.

For the dog lovers out there, this set of Spaniel bookends is a winner. $33 for the set.

A pair of egret bookends for the birders out there. $74 for the set.

These brass fan bookends are so intricately decorated! $50 for the set.

Clocking in at 3 pounds, you really do only need one of these brass bear bookends to keep a pile of reads steady. $70 for one.

Who says you can’t find unicorn bookends? $90 for the set.

If I didn’t already own a few sets of owl bookends, I’d snap up this one, too. $130 for both.

It might look simple, but a set of brass stoppers like this is super effective. $43 each.

A pair of perfect pineapples for your shelves. $40 for both. (And if you want more pineapple bookends, you’re in luck!)

Your books will never forget how you feel about them. $42 for the set.

This set of bookends would look amazing with your fancy books between them. Griffins stand guard. $160 for the set.

This bookend tells its own story. Grab this cat watching a mouse for $20—it’s a single bookend, but it’ll keep a nice stack held up.

Did anyone else’s mind immediately go to Monopoly with these brass iron bookends? $53 for the set.

Cat owners know this pose well. $65 for the set.

This set of brass book bookends are similar to the ones on my shelf. $50.

The dual purpose of these brass bookends shaped like books makes them especially neat. Planters! $29 for the set.

Itching for more options? You’ll want to peruse the gold bookends roundup, too, and maybe even peruse some dragon bookends (because why not?).