10 BookTubers I Love (and You Will, Too)

Christina Vortia

Staff Writer

Christina is an avid reader, enthusiastic foodie, unabashed ratchet intellectual, and snarky librarian. You can follow her blog, Follow her on Twitter @MissFabularian.

I am a BookTuber fanatic….seriously/true story. I wanted to take a moment to highlight BookTubers I love and follow, and encourage you to do the same. Watch them invigorate your literary life! Have fun!

Squibblesreads – Fun, eclectic, and on time – I really love squibblesreads reviews.


Books Beauty Ameriie – Did you know R&B/Pop singer Ameriie is an avid reader and booktuber! Now you can love her music and her book recommendations!


Smoothiefreak – Comedian and culture critic Akilah Obviously, aka Smoothiefreak, has posts on everything under the sun, including her Tipsy Book Reviews that I LIVE for! She drinks a mood altering beverage and gives an utterly honest book review that often leaves her cracking up, and you will be too.


Daniel José Older – This prolific sci-fi/fantasy author is a voracious reader and writer. His booktube channel is life giving, and not to be missed.


Naya Reads and Smiles – This is the perkiest booktuber on Youtube! Seriously! You can’t watch her reviews and not smile!


Abookutopia – A cosplay book vlogger! YES! Viewers get a great book recommendation and are entertained!


Books and Big Hair – I LOVE Books and Big Hair! This is such a fun and refreshing vlog! Listen to 25 bookish facts about this aspiring writer.


Contemporary KING – Can somebody please put out a search warrant for Contemporary KING??? I loved his reviews.


BooksandBullshit – I just love his personality, his reviews…I can watch him every day all day.


AJ Reads – I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE AJ Reads… I thoroughly enjoy all of her videos. She is HILARIOUS! Check out her BookTube tutorial, which is probably the funniest one on Youtube.