10 BookTubers I Love (and You Will, Too)

I am a BookTuber fanatic….seriously/true story. I wanted to take a moment to highlight BookTubers I love and follow, and encourage you to do the same. Watch them invigorate your literary life! Have fun!

Squibblesreads – Fun, eclectic, and on time – I really love squibblesreads reviews.


Books Beauty Ameriie – Did you know R&B/Pop singer Ameriie is an avid reader and booktuber! Now you can love her music and her book recommendations!


Smoothiefreak – Comedian and culture critic Akilah Obviously, aka Smoothiefreak, has posts on everything under the sun, including her Tipsy Book Reviews that I LIVE for! She drinks a mood altering beverage and gives an utterly honest book review that often leaves her cracking up, and you will be too.


Daniel José Older – This prolific sci-fi/fantasy author is a voracious reader and writer. His booktube channel is life giving, and not to be missed.


Naya Reads and Smiles – This is the perkiest booktuber on Youtube! Seriously! You can’t watch her reviews and not smile!


Abookutopia – A cosplay book vlogger! YES! Viewers get a great book recommendation and are entertained!


Books and Big Hair – I LOVE Books and Big Hair! This is such a fun and refreshing vlog! Listen to 25 bookish facts about this aspiring writer.


Contemporary KING – Can somebody please put out a search warrant for Contemporary KING??? I loved his reviews.


BooksandBullshit – I just love his personality, his reviews…I can watch him every day all day.


AJ Reads – I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE AJ Reads… I thoroughly enjoy all of her videos. She is HILARIOUS! Check out her BookTube tutorial, which is probably the funniest one on Youtube.