Bookstagrams for Shelfie Inspiration

For a book lover and a voracious reader, my shelfie (and book organization) skills are sorely lacking—to the point of being nearly nonexistent. It would be easy to blame this on motherhood and sleep deprivation, or the constraints of living in an apartment that is in no way my long-term home, but if I’m being honest, it’s never been a strength of mine. While other Rioters discuss the merits of different ways of shelving (by genre, alphabetical, by color), I’ve always just stuck the book back on my shelf wherever I had room – although I did keep books in a series together and in order, and books by the same author always go next to each other. Right now, I have a small bookcase in my living room that holds my advance copies and TBRs, with small piles all around it with growing piles of ARCs and comics. Another small bookcase in my bedroom contains my books for doula training and childbirth education certification, along with all the parenting and pediatric books I have. A basket next to the bookcase holds my son’s books that he isn’t so into yet—the books he does love are in the living room, in a pile under the table and in the bin containing his toys-of-the-moment.

For all of this disorganization (I swear I used to be a very organized person, but then parenthood), I’m a sucker for a bookish rainbow shelfie (those Penguin drop caps tho) or an artfully designed bookcase with books, momentos, and Funkos. This is why I love Instagram. I can literally spend hours scrolling through the pictures and screenshotting pics for inspiration. The amount of time I spend on Instagram looking for bookstagram feeds is obscene. (But if you ask me why I have no time, I’ll tell you I have no clue).

Here are some of my favorite bookstagrams accounts I’ve found for shelfie and bookish inspiration.

@sweetbookobsession has a great eye for color and design—it was a hard choice picking which photo of hers to put in this post.

@emilyjmead has constructed a feed that is calming to look at, and her pastel game is especially strong.

@theartfulelle’s feed is clean and smart, and she often pairs her books with coffee, which I love—because what goes better with books than coffee? I mean…nothing, right?

@danniritter subscribes to a ton of boxes (I am dying to know how she affords it all) and posts flat lays of the goodies. As someone who only recently discovered subscription boxes (does BOTM count?), I’m kind of in awe of this.

@jennastrack is German, so I can’t understand any of her captions, but I absolutely love the way she pairs Funkos and candles with her books and bookshelves. As someone who’s also new to the Funko thing, I especially appreciate this. (Yes, I know—I don’t know where I’ve been, besides the muck of new parenthood).

I think Penguin has some of the best design out there, book-wise, and this post by @booksugar perfectly captures that. Her feed is artfully curated, and she even has a feed for kids’ books, @booksugarkids.

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EN: 👉 Photo for #sundayshelfie #shelfiesunday! I tagged some of you guys too. I don't like the way my bookshelf is right now so I'll change it next week. 😥 . 👉 For #smilepopsunday I choose Thanos; for #ladiessupersunday I choose my Princesses Pops and for #popspidermansunday I choose my Spiderman Pops. 🙌 . 👉 Share the love (Shoutouts): Super shoutout to these amazing Funko accounts. You guys are awesome. 💖 #bewitchedbookwormaugust . 👉 #socksunday or #nosocksunday? No sock Sunday. I don't have cutie socks to show, mine are boring. 😔 #readgushaug17 . 👉 Persevering character: Jon Snow. #stuffandnonsenseaugust . 👉 Want to Reread: Percy Jackson and the Olympians, The Heroes of the Olympus, Six of Crows Duology, Throne of Glass series and Red Queen series too. #allthebooksaugust . 👉 Squad Goals: Harry Potter, Kaz Brekker, Daenerys Targaryen, Rhysand and Feyre and Rowan and Aelin. #quoththeaugustbookchallenge . 👉 Trilogy: Legend. #rfabaugust17 . 👉 Winterfell or Winter Court? Winter court. #watermelanerdsaugust ▫ PT: Mudei a organização da minha estante mas não gostei, semana que vem eu mudo de novo. 😥 Percy Jackson e Os Heróis do Olimpo, Trono de Vidro e Six of Crows são algumas das séries que eu quero reler. E vocês? Quais são as suas? Para o Funko sorridente desse domingo eu escolho o Thanos. Bom domingo a todos. ▫ #popcollection #estantedelivros #readers #giibooks #funkophotography #funkopopbrasil #bookstagram #estante #igliterario #barnesandnoble #funkopop #funkobrasil #funkopopvinyl #topfunkophotos #ler #livros

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@giibooks posts super cute pics of books, Funkos, and delightfully nerdy things—as well as her adorable dog, Hermione. Seriously, I could study her pics forever.

As mentioned above, I have a major weakness for Penguin books—not only do they put out superb books, but the design is on point. My favorites, though, are the classic tribands, which unfortunately, are not available in the U.S. (WHY?????). @pickupappenguin apparently shares my obsession, and his feed is full of Penguin goodness.

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It has been a looooooooong week my friends. I am so ready to say "peace out reality, I'm heading to the Night Court" ✌ Speeeeeeeeeeaking of, have we all seen the latest SJMaas news? Next year we will be getting a Rhys and Feyre novella. Which is great! Except it means ToG7 has been pushed back AGAIN. 😒 I am so torn about this. I was not a huge fan of ACOWAR. But this novella could potentially go a long way towards righting that all for me. And it is Feysand, which is all that really matters 😉 However, that means waiting a whole year more to finally get our ToG ending!! I need my Manon. My Loride. My puppy prince!!! Oh, and ya know, that small matter of AELIN. 🙊 Bleh, all I can do is hope that between two push backs, SJMaas is working on something truly epic 🤷 What do you think of the news? — Beach or Mountains? Mountains! // #watermelanerdsaugust

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@bookswrotemystory pairs books with candles, Funko, bookmarks, and really great color palettes. Her feed feels like a refreshing drink of water.


Where do you look for shelfie or bookish inspiration?