All The Books

Episode 125.5 This week, Liberty discusses The Moviegoer, The Inheritance of Loss, Fugitive Pieces, and more great older books. This episode was ...


Episode 6 In this episode, an investigation of the Oxford comma that starts, improbably, with a love story. 

Get Booked

Episode 98 Amanda and Jenn discuss creepy reads, social justice ammunition, witchy reads, and more in this week's episode of Get Booked.

Hey YA

Episode 1 Eric and Kelly talk about what makes a book a “YA” book, what they do and don’t want to see ...

Read or Dead

Episode 8 Katie and Rincey do a Stephen King themed episode! They talk about adaptations - including the new release of IT - their favorite books and more.

SFF Yeah!

Episode 8 Sharifah and Jenn discuss news including casting choices for Good Omens and Hellboy, mega-bucks book deals, and assassin stories.

The Podcast

Episode 227 This week, Jeff and Rebecca put the discussion of gaming the NYT bestseller list to bed, note Amazon's policing of reviews of What Happened, shrug their shoulder over the Man Booker shortlist, and much more.

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