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10 Bookmarks for Pop Culture Lovers

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Rey Rowland


A daydreamer and a bit of a lost cause, Rey loves stories. Whether they're book shaped or you can see them on a screen, a story always hides in the corners of her mind. She's working on a few stories of her own, always accompanied by her trusty cat.

I think we all like little things that remind us of other things we love or enjoy. More often than not, we can agree that those shows or songs we love belong to our current pop culture. It’s also kind of unavoidable to enjoy pop culture seeing as it encompasses basically all forms of entertainment that almost everyone enjoys. It is called “popular culture” after all. Us bookish nerds especially have all kinds of overlapping interests in popular culture. From the movies and TV show adaptations of the books we love, to the music we listen to while we read.

Which takes me to another thing we bookish nerds love, and that is bookmarks! I, at least, have tons of bookmarks for books with different vibes. Occasionally, I even use some for when I’m reading specific genres. I love looking at bookmarks when I open my book. They’re like tiny hidden treasures. Which is why I love having bookmarks that also remind me of other things I love. So, this inevitably led me to dive deep into Etsy, and look for all kinds of bookmarks for pop culture lovers like me. I tried to show a bit of everything, from video games to music and even memes. But this list is by no means comprehensive of the sheer amount of bookmarks lying around on Etsy. Still, here are ten bookmarks for pop culture lovers to enjoy!

Best Bookmarks for Pop Culture Lovers

Taylor Swift bookmark

This is the bookmark for when you can’t choose your favorite Taylor Swift era. $5

Pop culture bookmark with Harry Styles

This black and white laminated bookmark is bound to remind you of Harry Styles every time you open your book! $4

Pop culture bookmark with Robert Pattinson meme

Maybe you like your bookmarks to be funny. Well, this Robert Pattinson meme bookmark is sure to make you laugh! $6

Pop culture bookmark with Loki

If you like superheroes (or villains) you’ll love this resin bookmark inspired by Loki! $10

Pop culture bookmark with BTS

BTS’s song Butter is everywhere, and now it and a cute cartoon of the boys can join you on your latest adventure with this sweet bookmark $3

Pop culture bookmark with different Pokemon

You can choose your favorite Pokémon out of these 13 magnetic bookmarks. Or, you can personalize it and pick whichever Pokémon you want! $5+

Pop culture bookmark with Encanto lyrics

I know we don’t talk about Bruno. But maybe we can talk about him and the other Encanto characters with this bookmark set. $11

Pop culture bookmark with a viral Tik Tok reference

Are armadillos digging holes in your backyard? This illustrated bookmark will get stuck to your head just like that viral TikTok. $3

Pop culture bookmark with cute nintendo console drawing

Maybe you like video games in general, so you’ll love this cute magnetic bookmark featuring a classic Game Boy! $5

Pop culture bookmark with HBO's Euphoria characters

The next season of Euphoria is so fay away, you’ll need these fun bookmarks to keep you company. You can also choose from several characters and designs! $6 each

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