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24 Clever Bookmarks for Kids

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Alex Rouch

Staff Writer

As an editor, Alexandra Rouch finds joy in helping authors strengthen their work. In undergrad, she wrote esoteric English papers on queerness and power dynamics that vexed and exhausted her faculty. Her life ambition is to achieve the tranquility present in Mary Oliver’s work; until then, she spends her time thinking about the monstrous feminine and getting in fistfights with her own metaphors.

If dog-earing a page is sacrilege for you, gorgeous bookmarks for kids can be the best way to motivate your budding readers to take care of their books. Plus, there’s something about have the perfect bookmark that just makes finishing another chapter all that much more rewarding for kiddos. If you’re looking for clever, unique, and fun bookmarks for kids, we’ve got you covered with these 24 bookmark ideas.

This one from Amazon says it all.

Scratch-and-sniff AND a pun on a bookmark?? You can’t lose.

This set of Dr. Seuss bookmarks for kids is perfect for a fledgling bookworm.

Got a nature lover? Bring the wilderness inside the reading nook with these animal bookmarks.

Same, Snoopy.

Coloring in these charming bookmarks will be as much fun as using them.

For out-of-this-world reading, look no further than these space-themed kids’ bookmarks.

What about a personalized bookmark with your kiddo’s name?

Your child can choose a different animal for every day of the week (or all the books they’re reading at once!) with these adorable woodland animal bookmarks.

Having a fantasy nerd in the making? Obviously you need unicorn bookmarks.

If your kid loves dogs, what could be better than a dachshund bookmark?

And it wouldn’t be fair if we didn’t include these adorable cat bookmarks, too.

It doesn’t get cuter than these animal corner bookmarks.

When it’s time to start reading Peter Rabbit, what better bookmark to use than these sweet rabbits?

And this magnetic otter bookmark? I’m melting.

These detailed coloring bookmarks would be great for older kids ready for a challenge.

If you want to have a go at DIY, try these free printable bookmarks…

…or fold your own origami marker! 

Or make these adorable monster bookmarks.

The Pin

There are also DIY unicorn bookmarks!

The Pin

Try using scrap paper to make your own bookmarks rather than going out to buy supplies.

The Pin

Tie-dye bookmarks are also an easy DIY option.

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More cutesy monsters with dollar store supplies? How can you resist?

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Finally, it just doesn’t get cuter than this caterpillar bookmark.

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