Book Fetish

Bookish Underthings for Racy Reading Times

Bookish apparel for your nether parts: because some days, it’s not enough to take your love of books to first base.

"Reading is sexy" underwear

This one may not offer much coverage, but it speaks the truth. And how cute are those teeny glasses?


"Crows before hoes" Game of Thrones underwear.

Boxer briefs for the staunch men of the Night’s Watch. Adorned with “Crows before Hoes” and a wee crow on the back of one of the leg openings. Although from what I’ve heard of the Wall, these would be more useful if they were warmer.

"I'd get sleazy for Ron Weasley" Harry Potter themed underwear.

These Potter-themed panties let everyone know which keeper is your king.

Library boxers.

These library-tastic bookish boxers are listed under the style name “Smartypants.”


Lord of the Rings themed underwear

Gandalf’s famous pronouncement takes on a new meaning with the stern booty shorts on the left, while the pair on the left send the opposite signal. The store allows you to place the quote on the front or the back, in case you’re trying to send a specific message.


Whorecrux Harry Potter themed underwear.

Boo, you whorecrux.

Harry Potter themed Snape "Always" underwear.

Personally, I think that there are some of parts of my body that aren’t meant to be decorated with Severus Snape’s face. But hey, if this Potions master bubbles your cauldron, this three-pack might be just your cup of Amortentia.


Harry Potter themed Luna Lovegood underwear

Anyone who gets to see this punny Luna thong and doesn’t appreciate it should definitely not be permitted to go any further.


Bookish mudflap girl boxer briefs.

The highly recognizable mudflap silhouette girl turned from busty truck decoration to a bookish adornment for a more intimate covering.

What do you think, my fellow book nerds? Are you going rush out to supply yourself with weeks worth of literary linens, or do you prefer to keep your bookishness on an outer layer?


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