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Bookish Ugly Holiday Sweaters

The holidays are coming up: lots of good food, present exchanges, candy canes and Chanukkah gelt, turkey and stuffing, latkes and applesauce, and ugly holiday sweaters. What’s that? You don’t partake? You don’t know what you’re missing. I resisted the trend until two years ago, when my son was a baby and I was in that constant severe state of sleep deprivation that only an infant can cause. We were at Target (of course), and I saw some Star Wars ugly holiday sweaters, and on a whim, I bought one. (Likely because of the impaired judgment from said sleep deprivation.) Besides being super comfortable, I got a kick out of it every time I put it on. It was a fun thing to wear. It made me happy, and was a conversation starter. And so I was hooked.

I just found an ugly Star Wars holiday sweater for my son that matches mine, so this year it’ll be a family affair. Especially with everything that’s going on in the world right now, if an ugly holiday sweater brings me (and others) some joy, why not wear it?

Ever since that first foray into ugly holiday sweater land, I’ve been on the lookout for fun ugly holiday sweaters. I don’t even go to an ugly holiday sweater party—and I work from home, so it’s not an office thing…nope, just me. Chillin’ in public wearing my ugly holiday sweater. There is something to be said about wearing an outlandishly patterned sweater and reveling in its festive ugliness. There are plenty from which to choose these days, including an array of bookish ones. Here are some of my favorites.

Harry Potter fans will love this long-sleeved tee printed to look like an ugly holiday sweater. It’s super cute, and perfect for those in warmer climates—or if you’re still a bit hesitant to really go all-out with the ugliness.

Trekkies, here’s an ugly holiday sweatshirt for you! Somewhat understated, but still gets the point across. Fa la la la la!

Winter is coming, right? Bundle up with this Game of Thrones sweater. Target is, well…on target with their GoT ugly holiday sweaters this year—there are six of them! Why not get them all so you can wear ONLY those all season?

You can rock your Hogwarts house pride with this shirt emblazoned with an ugly holiday print—and again, it’s not the entire sweatshirt (you can also choose a tee shirt), so this is a great way to dip your toe into the ugly sweater world.

If the Rebel Alliance is more your thing, this “Happy Hoth-idays” sweater is nice and cozy, and the detail is fantastic. What better way to celebrate winter than a scene from Hoth?

Don’t worry, Empire members. There’s something for you, too. What about this dark side sweater?

Prefer superheroes? Even the Man of Steel likes celebrating holidays. This Superman sweater will add festive cheer to any wintry day.

This Black Panther one will bring Wakanda home for the holidays.

If Themyscira is more your thing, there’s a Wonder Woman sweater, as well.

For those of you who grew up with Rainbow Brite, this sweater is a shot of nostalgia that’s perfect for getting together with the family.

For those of you who want to rock your librarian pride during the holiday season, this is the sweatshirt for you!

Who doesn’t love a good dinosaur ugly holiday sweater? Bonus points if the dino is reading! This one also comes in toddler sizes, making it perfect for you to wear matching holiday goodness.

Are you going to take the ugly holiday sweater plunge this year?



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