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Bookish Travel Essentials for the Upcoming Holidays

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Vanessa Diaz

Managing Editor

Book Riot Managing Editor Vanessa Diaz is a writer and former bookseller from San Diego, CA whose Spanish is even faster than her English. When not reading or writing, she enjoys dreaming up travel itineraries and drinking entirely too much tea. She is a regular co-host on the All the Books podcast who especially loves mysteries, gothic lit, mythology/folklore, and all things witchy. Vanessa can be found on Instagram at @BuenosDiazSD or taking pictures of pretty trees in Portland, OR, where she now resides.

I know what you’re thinking: ma’am, it is October. Halloween candy is still on the shelves and I’m over here talking about holiday travel — how rude! This is where I tell you that I am a consummate planner and begin my holiday travel strategy in September. Between the increased cost of travel and my compulsive need to have every detail of my travel plans go as smoothly and seamlessly as possible, I start early with the holiday planning and regret nothing.

Part of creating that seamless travel experience for me is finding the perfect balance of organization, coziness, and convenience, from the way I pack my luggage to the actual time spent on a plane or train. Is my luggage labeled in case it gets lost? Are all my travel documents handy and in one place? Will I be cozy on the plane? Do I have my print books, and my ebooks, and my audiobooks all queued up, and do all my devices have enough juice for the ride? Again: I like to plan.

With many years of travel experience under my belt, I’ve developed a lit of travel accessories that are must-haves for achieving travel zen. And because I am a reader, many of those essentials are thematically bookish if not outright related to reading. So today I’ll be sharing my picks for bookish travel essentials, from basics in book-themed patterns and prints to accessories for seamless reading on the go. And though it’s a ways off yet (but not as much as you think!), I wish a very happy, healthy, and bookish holiday season to all those who celebrate.

Bookish Travel Essentials

three luggage tags in gold, brown, and green leather. Each tag contains a Lord of the Rings quote in gold

Luggage tags are a thing I always hope I won’t need, but have been grateful for when my luggage and I have mysteriously ended up in separate places. Whether you’re off on a holiday vacay or gathering with family, make like Bilbo Baggins and prepare for adventure with these handy leather luggage tags. $5

a hand holding a grey passport cover with embossed text that reads " Books are a passport to endless worlds." A grey piece of luggage with a matching luggage tag can be seen in the background

Show off your love of armchair travel and actual travel with this combo passport holder + luggage tag set. $15

a passport cover that resembles a vintage book with a dark grey cover and gold edge detailing

I like to have my passport, any necessary docs, and now my proof of vaccination all in one place, so I own a couple of passport holders. I especially love the gold detail in this vintage book cover passport cover, so pretty. $23

a white and silver tumbler with a design of flowers growing out of an open book

Does anyone else own 400 tumblers that don’t fit in your car’s cupholders? It can’t be just me! Add this sweet floral open book tumbler to cart for those holiday road trips. $24

a turquoise insulated water bottle with a book and flower design on the front

For an option to toss in your carry-on, keep those cold drinks cold and the hot ones hot with this insulated water bottle. $21

a blue CamelBak water bottle with a straw lid with a tarot card design. The card is a pile of books with a skull ob top and with text above it that says "The Reader"

For all my tarot-loving bookworms out there, this CamelBack Eddy® water bottle comes in 20 and 25 oz versions. It’s BPA free, spillproof, and comes with a straw for easy sipping on the go. $30+

a chocolate brown pouch with the words "I Read Banned Books" in pink text

Make a (way too relevant) statement with those toiletries and phone chargers. This banned books pouch comes in two sizes: small for $13 and large for $20.

white zippered accessory pouch containing black text defining the world abiliophobia as the fear of running out of books. next to the text is a graphic of s small stack of books

Who among us hasn’t packed too many books due to this fear? Use this abibliophobia zippered pouch for anything from chargers and makeup to travel snacks. $9 for the small, $10 for the large.

a charcoal grey book sleeve with a button closure and a pocket in a word pattern. the sleeve is next to a notice candle and a small pen and notebook

My “Thanks, it has pockets!” joy extends beyond my dresses and into my bookish accessories. This sleek padded tablet/e-reader sleeve comes with a button closure and yes, a pocket. $35+ based on size.

cream book sleeve in a bookshelf pattern. Assorted objects are nestled between the books, like teacups and a decorative globe

I love the soft, muted tones of this book sleeve’s watercolor bookshelf pattern. Comes in multiple sizes starting at $10.

burgundy floral book sleeve with a picked for a tablet ore reader positioned next to an open book

I rely on my tablet when traveling these days to avoid packing more books than clothes, but I allow myself at least one print book on most trips. This burgundy book sleeve has room for a physical book plus a pocket for those e-readers and tablets. Winning! $14+ based on the pocket size, and the shop offers them in lots of different colors and patterns.

 Little Women Book Sleeve with Zipper

So cute, so calming, and I love that this book sleeve is zippered. The books must be kept safe! It comes in three different sizes starting at $18.

clear AirPod case with a EKG heart line pattern with an open book at its center

Protect those AirPods with this clear, bookishly simple case and enjoy those audiobooks worry-free. Comes in versions for both the classic AirPods and AirPods Pro. $14+

pink AirPod Pro case with black text that reads "Introverted But Willing to Discuss Books"

Because there are exceptions to the “please don’t talk to me” rule, extend that gentle invitation with this AirPods case. Comes in seven different colors for both AirPods and AirPods Pro. $20

a pair of AirPods next to a black AirPods case with the words "I'm listening to smut"  in pink text

Let the people know! This AirPods case for romance and erotica readers is $20 and also comes in seven different colors for both AirPods and AirPods Pro.

a grey blue and cream blanket in a book pattern spread over a cream-colored couch

For optimum travel coziness, have a travel blanket on hand. The small option of this beautiful books blanket comes in at $30 and should be perfectly packable.

two portable power banks, one white and one black

Charge those e-readers, tablets, earbud cases, and phones on the go without that mad scramble to find a free outlet at the airport. These portable power banks come in a pack of two for $90, but are on sale at this time of this writing for only $24. A steal!

a black clip-on book light net to a small fountain pen for scale

For when you need a little extra reading light on those planes, trains, or automobiles, this clip-on book light is rechargeable, lightweight, and comes with three different brightness levels and color temperature settings. $22

a set of black wireless earbuds in a black case

Looking for a new set of earbuds for travel audiobooking needs? These wireless Bluetooth earbuds were a Wirecutter pick and go for $50.

a set of black over-hear noise cancelling headphones

If you prefer an over ear option, these noise cancelling headphones are a best seller and come with memory foam ear cups for a comfy audio experience. $60

a dark grey Pillow Pad book and tablet stand with an iPad resting on it

And finally, give those fingers, hands, and wrists a rest from travel reading-related cramping. Go hands free with one of these Pillow Pads, perfect for e-readers, tablets, smartphones, print books, magazines, and more. $20