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Bookish Tissue Box Covers: Cultivate the Ultimate Bookish Home with These Niche Objects

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Tracy Shapley Towley

Staff Writer

Tracy is a freelance copywriter, all-around ne’er do well, very-adult graduate of the University of Iowa, and occasional waterer of plants. Her hobbies include writing fiction, reading fiction, mixing together various flavors of soup, and typing letters to her friends on an old red typewriter that doesn't have a working period so all sentences must end in questions marks or exclamation points? She has read every Pulitzer Prize-winning novel and has a lot of thoughts on them. Her old Iowa farmhouse is shared by her husband Sean, a pair of cats, a pair of dogs, and the ghost of Kurt Vonnegut.

I’ve been lucky enough to contract COVID-19 twice in the last six months and have gone through many, many tissues as a result. I generally use LastTissue reusable tissues but my honker has been doing so much honking that my single box of cloth tissues couldn’t keep up.

For my paper tissues, I have used a very ridiculous tissue box cover I bought at a thrift store. It is shaped like a cat. Here it is next to my actual cat, Licorice Allsorts. And no, it is not an enormous tissue box cover — Licorice Allsorts was less than a pound when this was taken!

Calico cat next to a cat-shaped tissue box cover

You might see that amazing cat-shaped tissue box holder and wonder what would lead me to look for a bookish tissue box holder. Clearly I was already the owner of the perfect tissue box holder! Indeed, I once thought like you. I had two grumpy old cats who would only sneer at the new tissue holder cat and everyone lived in harmony.

Then we got Licorice Allsorts. She was quick to find every ribbon, whisker, and dangling spot on that poor tissue box holder. Our unfortunate tissue box is no longer, and it is now time to find the best bookish tissue box holder in the world. Hopefully COVID will leave me alone, but in case it doesn’t, I need plenty of boxed tissues to take on the ever-running nose honks.

Bookish Tissue Holders

Tissue box hider made from fake books

This hidey-hole tissue box holder is a great choice if you don’t want the whole world to know you have a nose, let alone tissues! Hollowed out books taller than the average tissue box make it easy to tuck tissues inside. $69

Tissue box holder made to look like antique books

If you’re more of a leather-bounded book fan, this antique bookish tissue holder will fit in wonderfully. $138.

Tissue box cover with plant pages glued on

Plants are great and so are books — and so are tissue holders with plant-based bookish material! $13.

Tissue box holder shaped like a typewriter

If you’d like your tissue box holder to be more book-adjacent, this typewriter tissue box holder is a good pick. $130.

Tissue box organizer with glasses, pens, and more.

This crocheted tissue box organizer is perfect for reading any of the books on the Grab the Tissues list of tear-jerking YA novels. $26.

Tissue box holder with children's books on it and a red apple next to it

This children’s books tissue box cover is perfect for bookish playrooms and nurseries. $26.

Tissue box cover with a cat in a bookshelf on it

But back to the cats though. Here’s a tissue box holder with a cat sitting on a bookshelf. $26.

Tissue box holder with children's books on it

This extra-large children’s books tissue box holder is made for family-sized boxes. $35.

Couch shaped tissue holder made from fabrics with books on it

A cozy couch, made from bookish materials, filled with tissues? I say, “Yes please!” $22.

Couch shaped tissue box holder made from bookish material

Okay, now this couch-shaped bookish tissue box holder has pillows! Ergo, it gets an extra “Yes” from me. $19+.

Which of these amazing bookish tissue box holders are going to make it into my home as a piece of precious decor? All of them! When you next visit my house, you’ll have several sneeze spots in each room. You’re welcome!