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10 Adorable Bookish T-Shirts for Your Casual Friday Attire

No matter the profession, bibliophiles everywhere enjoy wearing their book love on their sleeves, literally. For the folks who work in a more casual environment, we’ve got the best bookish T-shirts to give your work attire a touch of bookish class. If your job requires more formal attire, and work for you means sporting a suit on the daily, then these bookish tees paired with your favorite pair of jeans and a business casual blazer are an obvious must for your Casual Friday wardrobe. Get these tees before they sell out and thank us later!

The Book Was Better

You don’t have to tell us because we always know the book is better, even when we say otherwise. If you agree, then this bookish tee available on Etsy is definitely for you. Wear your book snobbery with pride!

The Book Was Better T-Shirt

Save the Oxford Commas

We Rioters unapologetically stan the Oxford comma. Please stan with us in this “Save the Oxford commas” t-shirt designed by Secondary Sara!

Save the Oxford Commas T-Shirt

Magical Wizarding Doodles

What kind of book nerds would we be without some Harry Potter reference?! But…you have to admit this Potter-rific T-shirt we found on Etsy is straight fire, and it’s a must for anyone who calls themselves a Potterhead.Harry Potter Doodles T-Shirt

Fight Evil, Read Books

In these trying times on the Darkest Timeline, we must be ever vigilant and resist tyranny. Support literacy! Support knowledge! Fight evil with the bookish superhero T-shirt from Out of Print.

Fight Evil Read Books T-Shirt

Support Your Local Library

This “Support Your Local Library” T-shirt on Etsy is the perfect addition to your growing collection of librarian T-shirts.Support Your Local Library T-Shirt

Eat, Read, Be Merry

Let this tee from Blissfully Bookish be a constant reminder that in the world of books, your favorite characters can get the axe, anytime and anyplace. Until then, keep your mind and body well nourished because you will need your strength when it’s time to mourn their death.

Eat Read Be Merry T-Shirt

Banned Books

Hit a bookish home run for banned books in this baseball tee from Out of Print.

Get Lit-erary

The people at Plotwyst knows what’s up. If you love Book Riot, then you obviously like to get LIT-erary too, so don’t be afraid to let the masses know with this LIT AF tee. Let’s get LIT-erary together!

Its About to Get Literary T-Shirt

Brilliant and Book Obsessed

This bookish T-shirt from Look Human is a must-buy for your Casual Friday wardrobe if your answer to the question, “How would you describe yourself?” is “Brilliant and book obsessed, obviously.”

Brilliant and Book Obsessed T-Shirt

Make America Read Again

President Trump may not be a reader, but we citizens don’t need to follow in his footsteps. This MARA T-shirt available at Etsy is perfect for anyone who works in the world of books, has a passion for books, or just wants to strike a nerve with that Trump-loving coworker.

Make America Read Again

Since You’re Into Bookish T-shirts

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