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Bookish Sweatshirts and Hoodies For Readers

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My favorite clothing season after tank top season is hoodie season. I love the fuzzy insides of a good hoodie or sweatshirt, especially when I'm lounging at home with my current read. I also love to wear them to the yoga studio, peeling them off as the class progresses and my body begins to generate its own warmth. Of course, the only thing that makes a good warm top better is when it's bookish sweatshirts or hoodies for readers.

Last fall, I pulled together a collection of great options for bookish hoodies, and earlier this year, I put together a library-specific shirts and sweatshirts collection. Given the incredible range of options there are for readers looking to get snuggly or add to their everyday wardrobes, I'm excited to highlight even more great options.

Find below a ton of different bookish sweatshirt and hoodies, any and all of which would make for great work-from-home outfits or excellent reading uniforms. I've noted sizes available where possible, but keep in mind that even small shops like the ones feature here pass on the (unnecessary) cost of larger sizes to those who need them.

These hoodies and sweatshirts for readers would make outstanding self-love purchases or make any reader's heart melt if they received them as a gift any time of year.

Bookish Sweatshirts and Hoodies for Readers

Image of a green hoodie with white text that reads "books are my love language."

Books are my love language, too. What about you? Grab this in a few colors, S–5XL, $35 and up.

Blue sweatshirt with a white outline of a cat, cup of tea, and a stack of books. It is beneath an open book that has glasses on top, as well as with a mug of coffee under the sleeve's seam.

Nothing screams cozy like a cat, a stack of books, and a cup of tea. S–3XL, $44 and up.

Image of a grey sweatshirt. The center has the words "book nerd" in a cream color. Surrounding the words are three circles made to be bookshelves.

I love how clever the bookshelves are on this book nerd sweatshirt. Adult and youth sizes, with adult sizing up to 2XL. $25 and up.

Image of a person with white skin and long red hair wearing a green sweatshirt. In white ink at the chest are the words "smut slut" and an open book.

Proud of loving smut (and you should be — no shame allowed here)? Wear that pride with this smut slut sweatshirt. Available in a few colors, S–5XL. $32 and up.

Image of a person with dark hair and olive skin wearing a grey sweatshirt. There is a white embroidered book with flowers coming out of the center in the middle.

This floral book hoodie is not only cute, the center is embroidered, so you can choose from a wide range of thread color options (as well as hoodie color options). $48 and up, S–3XL.

Image of a Black woman wearing an olive green hoodie that reads, in black ink, "Talk bookish to me."

The sexiest way to talk to a reader, truly. $39, S–5XL, with plenty of color options.

Image of a white sweatshirt. It has an open book in black ink that's open, with pink hearts above it. On the sleeves are the words "just one" and "more chapter."

What makes this book sweatshirt special are the touches on the sleeves. I love the little peep of "just one" and "more chapter." S–2XL, $29 and up.

Image of a white skinned person with a grey sweatshirt. It reads "read more books" in colorful font.

I'm living for this vintage vibe "read more books" sweatshirt. S–3XL, $36 and up with many color options for the sweatshirt.

Navy sweatshirt hanging on a white wall. The sweatshirt has white text which reads "books are just word tacos," with a taco above it and a book behind the taco. The book is open.

The Venn diagram of book lovers and taco lovers has to be a perfect circle. Hoodie and sweatshirt options from S–3XL, with youth sizes as well. $27 and up.

Image of a maroon sweatshirt. The white text features a box around the word "Book," which is broken into two lines. The box meets beneath the second line and has the word "nerd."

This trendy book nerd design may be trendy now, but it's also classic enough to be your favorite top for years to come. Plenty of color options, S–XXL, $43.

Image of a maroon sweatshirt on a white background. Beside it are a brown hat, white converse shoes, jeans, and a sunflower. The sweatshirt features white ink. There is a sloth with an open book on the left-hand side.

Activate sloth mode with this perfect reading mascot sweatshirt. Color options, sizes S–2XL. $27 and up.

Image of a Black woman wearing a black sweatshirt. The white font reads "book club."

Whether you're doing virtual, in person, or solo book clubs. this sweatshirt makes for the perfect top to show up in. S–4XL, with color choices. Beginning at $39.

Image of a grey hoodie on a white panel background. There are white converse shoes and jeans beside it. The hoodie has white font that reads "easily distracted by dogs and books."

#Relatable. S–2XL, with youth sizes and color choices. $31 and up.

Image of a white sweatshirt with black text that reads "read a damn book."

If the phrase "read a damn book" comes to your mind regularly, maybe just buy this sweatshirt and have it said for you. S–4XL, color choices, $39.