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Bookish Swag for YA Mystery Lovers

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It’s no mystery why YA mystery books are hot right now! From bestselling authors like Karen McManus to award-winners like Angeline Boulley, there’s a wide range of fun murder mysteries for teen readers to sink their teeth into! The best part is that murder mysteries blend with other genres and different settings — from contemporary to Victorian London — so nicely that there are many unique and exciting YA mysteries. Considering all this, it’s no wonder that a surplus of bookish goods devoted to YA murder mystery fandoms have sprung up in recent months!

If you’ve got a YA murder mystery reader in your life (or hey, maybe you are one!) and you want some fun, bookish swag to add to your literary lifestyle, look no further! We’ve grabbed some of the best of the best available on Etsy in a variety of different YA murder mystery fandoms, broken down into item type. So curl up, get cozy, and load up on these fun goods as you get ready for a cold season full of delicious twists and turns. From bookmarks to keep your place so you never miss a page (or a clue!) to fun T-shirts that only diehard YA mystery readers will get, there’s something fun for all readers!


Firekeeper’s Daughter Bookmarks ($4): Get some of the most inspirational quotes from this Printz Award-winning novel on a bookmark set, complete with art that is evocative of the gorgeous cover!

Two bookmarks with quotes from the book Firekeeper's Daughter

A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder Bookmark ($3): What does a good girl do when confronted with murder?

A bookmark that reads "I'm not sure I'm the good girl I once thought I was"

Truly Devious Bookmark Set ($8): This gorgeous set matches the covers and comes with some of the most intriguing quotes from the books!

A set of four bookmarks evocative of the Truly Devious series covers with quotes from the books.

The Inheritance Games Bookmarks ($5): The gold leaf on these seems fitting for obvious reasons!

Two bookmarks, one green and one blue, with gold lead designs that showcase quotes from the books.

Enamel Pins

The Inheritance Games Enamel Pin ($10): If the tagline for this series doesn’t intrigue you, I don’t know what will…

An enamel pin in the shape of a sword through roses with a banner that reads "Traps upon traps, riddles upon riddles"

Stalking Jack the Ripper Enamel Pin ($11): Lovers of all things dark and creepy Victorian London, this one is for you!

An enamel pin in the shape of a skull with Big Ben and two figures running


One of Us is Lying T-Shirt ($32): Your favorite detention squad since The Breakfast Club.

a cream t-shirt with outlines of the four characters from One of Us is Lying.

Ellingham Academy T-Shirt ($19): You may not actually want to attend Ellingham, but you can dress like you do!

Green t-shirt that reads "Ellingham Academy, Est. 1935"

A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder T-Shirt ($22): Pretty and dangerous in pink!

A pink t-shirt with a line from A Good Girl's Guide to Murder


Cresswell and Wadsworth Investigations ($6): If you have a mystery, who’re you gonna call?

Vinyl sticker that reads "Cresswell and Wadsworth Investigations"

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