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Bookish Stamps From the USPS

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The United States Postal Service is in financial trouble after cuts by Republican lawmakers to their budget and the appointment of a Postmaster General who is cutting hours and delaying deliveries. How can we help? Calling our senators! How else? Well, a cash influx rarely hurts, so why not buy some stamps? I’ve collected several of the most bookish (and book-adjacent) stamps currently for sale on the USPS website.

The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats Forever stamps

Celebrate Black joy with these stamps featuring illustrations from The Snowy Day and read more about the enduring appeal of the classic picture book.

Earth Day Forever stamps

Celebrate the earth every day with these Earth Day stamps and get a reading list of children’s books for Earth Day.

Presidential stamps include John Fitzgerald Kennedy and George H.W. Bush. Learn more about the American presidency with 44 presidential biographies, the history of presidential autobiographies, or some presidential poetry.

Diwali Forever stamps

Celebrate Diwali with these Diwali stamps and these books about the festival of lights.

Gwen Ifill Forever stamp

Celebrate Black excellence in journalism with these Gwen Ifill stamps, and read up on her accomplishments (and those of four other broadcast journalists who are also authors).

Walt Whitman 3 ounce stamps

Show your love of poetry with these Walt Whitman 3 ounce stamps and peruse our poetry archives.

Maine 1820 Forever stamp

Commemorate Maine’s statehood with this 1820 Forever stamp, and read up on horror set in Maine (why are so many horror books set in Maine?).

Year of the Rat Lunar New Year Forever stamp

It’s the Year of the Rat! Celebrate with Lunar New Year stamps and read all about the Lunar New Year.

Henry James Forever 3 ounce stamp

Send an overweight letter with this Henry James 3 ounce stamp (surely not a commentary on his prose).

Tyrannosaurus Rex Forever stamps

Go back to the Jurassic era with these T Rex stamps and enjoy these dinosaur books for kids.

Celebrate just a few of the Voices of the Harlem Renaissance including Nella Larson, whose novel Passing should be required reading; also check out our reading pathway to Nella Larsen’s work.

Enjoy the Great Outdoors Forever stamps

Enjoy the Great Outdoors with these fun stamps, and check out these books on nature that helped Jaime learn to love the outdoors.

There’s no greater outdoors than space. Commemorate the moon landing and celebrate Sally Ride with these great stamps. Then dig into must-read books about space, books about astronomy for beginners, kids’ books about space, authors of color on space, and books set on the moon.

These stamps featuring Robert Panara celebrate the pioneer of Deaf Studies (he is pictured signing “respect”) and author of Great Deaf Americans. Learn baby sign language or read about Rioter Mel Ashford’s hearing loss diagnosis.

Women Vote 19th Amendment Forever stamp

Celebrate the centennial of the 19th amendment with these Women Vote stamps.

Use these lovely American Gardens stamps and check out house plants for beginners, gardening for everyone, and gardening for lazy gardeners.

Hip Hop Forever stamps

Celebrate the four elements of hip hop (B-boy, MC, Graffiti Art, and DJ) with these Hip Hop stamps, then check out Angie Thomas on On The Come Up, books to read after watching Rhythm & Flow, and audiobooks narrated by the Hamilton cast.