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Bring Literature Into The Bathroom With These Bookish Soaps

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With a quick look at my bio, you can see that I describe myself with the words "changing interests as the mood strikes." After years of constantly updating my bio to fit whatever hobby I was busying myself with at the time, I thought this was a less compromising way to let people know I have hobbies, without having to keep track of my bio to fit the truth.

Across the years I have journaled, I created items with plastic beads, I have crocheted, learned to knit, embroidered, weaved, played a very bad guitar, roller skated, skateboarded — and although I still do some of these things once in a while, I don't practice them often enough anymore to consider them a hobby I am currently busying myself with.

At the beginning of this year, as I was looking for a second part-time job, a thought crossed my mind. This is usually not a good sign, but neither can I ignore it, and the thought was the following: what if I learn to make soaps at home?

Now, 20-year-old me might have jumped on this idea immediately, would have spent money buying a lot of craft items, and the flame of a new hobby would probably have died within a few weeks after receiving the craft supplies at home. But at 34, I know myself better, so instead of immediately diving into the depths (and debts) of a new hobby, I held myself back and did some research. I also set a timeline for myself: if after a couple of months, I was still obsessed with the idea of making soaps, I would get the supplies and give it a try.

Listen, I still think learning to make soap would be really cool, but I'm not as pumped up as I was on that very first week when the idea popped into my head, so I'm still waiting and leaving this project for a possible future. But, while I was knee-deep in soap, I found some super cute bookish soaps that I thought you all might appreciate — and buying soap is a lot quicker and easier than making it!

And, if you're looking for a new hobby — not saying you should be looking, read above and learn from my mistakes, but if you are — there are even some supplies thrown into the mix for the crafter in you.

Take a look.

Let's Start With the Classics

photo of a soap bar that has a Jane Austen cover

You can never have enough — and therefore also never too much — Jane Austen lying around the house. It is only natural that you keep her in the bathroom too. $6

Photo of a green bar of soap with a label saying mister Darcy

I said you can never have enough Jane Austen. For the lovers of a broody, rude, tall man, I think I am right in believing that having Mr. Darcy close to a source of water is always a good idea. Even if it's just a bar of wet, slippery soap. $11

A beige and purple bar of soap with purple letters which read it is a truth universally acknowledged...

*whispers* never too much. $21

Photo of a dark green bar of soap with a white and red label saying the grinch

Christmas is just around the corner, so if you're looking for a fun gift to hand out to family, this one is a great idea. Just make sure you add a card noting the soap has nothing to do with you thinking they need to shower. Or don't, if you really want to get into the Grinch's spirit. $9

A light blue bar of soap covered with lace and a white label saying Alice

It's only appropriate that I have found an Alice In Wonderland soap while falling into a rabbit hole of soap-making. $9

image of a cheshire cat face soap

And this Cheshire cat, which is as pretty as eerie. $17

Three soaps with different symbols from lord of the rings

One soap — well, three — to wash them all! $23 for the set

Two bars of soap with the text, kindred spirits are not so scarce as I used to think

Nor are beautiful bookish soaps, apparently. $9

image of The Night's Watch soap which is black and white in the shape of a book

Is Game Of Thrones a classic? I guess it is now. $6

Not All Soaps Are Made Of Classics

A pink soap with protruding letters spelling fight club

I must admit that my first encounter with soap-making was while watching Fight Club, but getting into a liposuction factory to get fat to make soap seemed a bit too extreme for my liking. $9

image of the book cemetery boys and next to it bars of soap with the same colours, dark red, gold and green

Am I in love with this Cemetery Boys-inspired soap? Maybe (definitely). $7

image of a big bar of soap that is white green and blue, resembling the sea

If you're looking for a less obvious approach, this Calypso/mythology-inspired soap is absolutely gorgeous. $6

Doing It Yourself

image of a mold showing one closed book and an open book

I find these two molds absolutely beautiful. They are not made specifically for soap, and of course you're not getting the final product you see in the image above with soap, but it will look cute anyway, and it's a nice challenge to your imagination. Play with those colours! $26

image of a mold with a book with the title Magic Witches and the soap it makes in dark red colour

This Magic Witches mold is also super cool. And if you want your own book of spells… $15

image of a transparent book mold with a spider and spiderweb

we've got you covered just in time for Halloween! $6

image of a mold and the book soap it creates

If a more classic representation of a book is more to your liking, you are going to love this one! Look how cute and detailed this is! Definitely one of my favourites. $17

image of three soaps with the shape of an old leather book

And if you'd like the whole thing already done, here is where you can get it. I cannot decide which of these colours I love the most, but I definitely would love them in my bathroom! $15.

*adds them all to cart*

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