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Bookish Goods for Roller Derby Folks

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Ashlie Swicker


Ashlie (she/her) is an educator, librarian, and writer. She is committed to diversifying the reading lives of her students and supporting fat acceptance as it intersects with other women’s issues. She's also perpetually striving to learn more about how she can use her many privileges to support marginalized groups. Interests include learning how to roller skate with her local roller derby team, buying more books than she'll ever read, hiking with her husband and sons, and making lists to avoid real work. You can find her on Instagram (@ashlieelizabeth), Twitter (@mygirlsimple) or at her website,

While books have been my constant companion from a very young age, I recently undertook a new hobby that very well might kill me. Joining the fresh meat new skater class with my local roller derby team in 2020 was the most terrifying and exhilarating move of my life. While lots of things have hampered my ability to wholeheartedly participate (my lack of athletic ability, the fact I couldn’t stand on skates when I started, a whole pandemic), the camaraderie of the league and the coolness of the sport have kept me involved for the past three years. Being a fat girl on skates, learning to switch speeds and stop smoothly, working up the skills to use this butt to slam into people — it’s empowering and thrilling. And sometimes there are serious bruises.

One might think there aren’t many intersections between the bookish and roller derby worlds. The link is slim, although badass literary derby names (Sylvia Wrath!?) are a thing to behold. However, I like to think there are bookish goodies for everyone, and I set out on a hunt. From sweet skate-themed fabrics to a rad zine about the basics of the sport, there is a little something for everyone on this list.

image of blue roller skate pair magnetic bookmark

Starting off with a sweet pair of athletic-looking skates on a simple magnetic bookmark. Keep your page, show your sport! $4

image of white roller skate magnetic bookmark

Another magnetic bookmark, this one with a little more flair, but still a way to say “I skate and I hit people” without saying a word. $4

image of roller skate corner bookmark

This bold corner bookmark is giving me major Rainbow Brite vibes. $4

image of floral roller skate book sleeve

Some roller derby folk like to keep it pretty, and this floral and vintage skate book sleeve is a nod to the softer side. $21

image of roller derby girl book sleeve

I honestly gasped when I saw the gorgeous fabric decorating this derby-themed book sleeve. $17+

image of roller skate journal cover

Bookish people always need more notebooks. This one has a roller skate. $5

image of roller derby coloring book download

There’s nothing like starting up a good audiobook and settling in to do some coloring. This derby-themed coloring book is the move. $6

image of thats my jam roller derby zine

Celebrate a favorite pastime or get started on a new hobby with this rad illustrated zine. $5

image of roller derby tote bag

If you love books, you can never have too many tote bags. This one features a cool retro vibe and our favorite words, roller derby. Now fill it up with library holds! $15

Hopefully, you’ve found something to celebrate the marriage of two amazing hobbies: bookish goodness and badass roller derby. Happy reading, and happy skating!