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Stacked with Pride: Stickers, Pins, and Bookmarks for Celebrating Literary Style

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Kelly Jensen


Kelly is a former librarian and a long-time blogger at STACKED. She's the editor/author of (DON'T) CALL ME CRAZY: 33 VOICES START THE CONVERSATION ABOUT MENTAL HEALTH and the editor/author of HERE WE ARE: FEMINISM FOR THE REAL WORLD. Her next book, BODY TALK, will publish in Fall 2020. Follow her on Instagram @heykellyjensen.

Rainbow capitalism is a thing, and we know that this year more than any other, corporate Pride merchandise has experienced backlash thanks to right-wing provocateurs. While it’s disappointing that stores like Target and Kohls have pulled some of their Pride themed goods, they’re corporations. On the one hand, it’s powerful to see major retailers have these items available in store, but on the other hand, there’s no question to anyone — queer or ally — this is an easy cash grab. While we know this year is trickier since actual violence from fascists has been an issue, we have not seen these same organizations give money directly to queer organizations or people who are under attack every single day. All of that is to say as much as rainbow capitalism is important to deconstruct, it is June and there are thousands of small queer creators across the world who can and should benefit from love, support, and cash money this time of year.

Today, let’s look at a whole host of awesome bookish stickers, pins, and, of course, bookmarks that celebrate all things LGBTQ+ and Pride. All of these creations come from Etsy, and I have done my best to make sure these items are made by or curated by the shop owner. Etsy has become increasingly a place for the use of drop shipping, which we especially see in the T-shirt/sweatshirt department. Someone will mock up a design in Canva that they’ve put together after seeing what’s popular on Etsy, then they’ll outsource the work of producing and shipping to another place. This doesn’t mean they aren’t making something, but there is something that feels a little too mass produced for the purposes of this particular roundup. It is impossible to always know or tell, so know they might pop up here too (I’ll save the deeper dive for another post).

Let’s celebrate all things LGBTQ+ readers, bookworms, and pride.

Bookish Pride Stickers

a rainbow book stack sticker

It’s a rainbow stack book sticker that emphasizes how powerful love is. $4.

several pride flag styles designed like stacks of books.

Choose your Pride flag with these rainbow stacks. $4 for whatever style you’d like.

Image of a book stack featuring LGBTQ+ rom com book spines.

Love a queer romcom? You’ll love this sticker featuring the book spines of several queer love stories. $4.

Image of a round sticker that says "queer romance book club."

Speaking of queer romance, if you’re a member of that book club, there’s a sticker for you, too. $2.50.

Image of a black book with a rainbow on the cover. It says "read queer books."

Why not just be straight queerforward? Read queer books, y’all. $3.

Image of rainbow book spines with "read queer books" underneath.

Here’s another take on the Read Queer Books sticker. $4.

Image of an open book with a rainbow above it. The book page says "libraries are for everyone."

This sticker is nothing short of the truth — and what the truth should be: libraries are for everyone. $3.

Image of a sticker with a stack of books It says "read more, hate less," and includes elements of the pride flag.

Read more, hate less. Seems pretty obvious and yet…$4 and up, depending how big you’d like your sticker.

shiny sticker that says "books made me gay and other fairy tales."

YUP. $4.

Image of an open book with lavender sprigs.

This magical book sticker is very subtle about its bi pride. Very subtle indeed. $4.

Image of a queer bookcart sticker

Even your book cart can be gay, y’all. Look at this one! $3.

Bookish Pride Pins and Buttons

pin in the shape of a book that says "you are safe with me"

This enamel pin is for both queer readers and for allies who want to indicate they care about and act in the best interests of LGBTQ+ people. $11.

Image of a purple pin with the pink text "read more gay books."

Read more gay books. The end. $3.

2 buttons in the shape of the library symbol. Both include books in rainbow colors.

These pins showcase how every public library should be. $2 each.

Image of a house made out of purple and pink books. It says "found family."

Found family is an important element of so many queer peoples’ lives. Celebrate with this found family pin. $16.

Image of a circle enamel pin that says "LGBTQIA+ Book Club."

If you’re a part of the LGBTQIA+ book club — whether that’s a thing you are or place you go — this pin is for you. $12.

Image of a white button with a rainbow book stack. It says "pride in pages."

Have pride in your pages with this button. $4.50 and up.

Read the Rainbow lapel pin.

Pop this “read the rainbow” pin on your lapel for when you’re feeling a little more pastel than bold. $9.

Pride Bookmarks

four colorful pride-themed bookmarks

This set of four LGBTQ+ themed bookmarks are great for you…or if you’re feeling generous, for sharing with your friends, too. $10 for the set of four, though you can buy them individually, too.

Image of a rainbow bookmark

I love the ’70s retro vibe to this rainbow bookmark. $5.

Image of a bookmark that is made up of queer bookspines.

Show off some of your favorite queer book spines with this bookmark. $3 and up.

Image of a rainbow bookmark.

A fun element of this rainbow pride bookmark is that the top part actually holds onto the page where you’ve stopped. $7.

Image of a magnetic bookmark that says "support drag."

Yes, yes, yes. Drag is art. $4 for the magnetic bookmark.

Vintage pride bookmark

Here’s another gorgeous vintage pride bookmark. I don’t think there is anything I don’t love about it. $5.

Image of a bookmark featuring ghosts in a pride parade..

This is a ghost pride parade. This is a ghost pride parade I did not know how much I needed. $6.50.

Image of a magnetic bookmark that says "I can't even read straight"

Reading straight IS hard when there is so much great queer lit. $4 for the magnetic bookmark.

pride heart bookmarks

Pick the pride colors that you need and enjoy them every time you open your book with these heart bookmarks. $4.50.

Image of four pride bookmarks done in cross stitch.

I’ve saved the queerest for last, of course, which would be these incredible needlepoint rainbow pride bookmarks. $7.50 each.