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17 Bookish Pillows For The Coziest Reading Experience

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Carina Pereira

Staff Writer

Carina Pereira, born in ‘87, in Portugal. Moved to Belgium in 2011, and to Rotterdam, The Netherlands, in 2019. Avid reader, changing interests as the mods strikes. Whiles away the time by improvising stand-up routines she’ll never get to perform. Books are a life-long affair, audiobooks a life-changing discovery of adulthood. Selling books by day, writer by night. Contact

Readers don’t ask for much: an infinite budget for books, a TBR longer than we can finish in a lifetime, pretty bookshelves filled to the brim, a nice comfortable chair, and a good beverage by our side. And, of course, more free time to read.

Okay, so maybe that is asking for a bit much. This is not a perfect world, after all. But while I would say that most of us lack the time and the budget for all the books we want to get to, other things are pretty simple to come by: a nice beverage, even a good reading chair. And if you’d like to add extra comfort to your reading time, why not invest in one of the things that are a bit easier to acquire than floor-to-ceiling bookshelves or an infinite budget? See: bookish pillows!

Pillows are handy and cute, and it’s easy to just stack them in a corner when not in use. Moreover, we all know how hard it is sometimes to keep a good reading position, so pillows are your best bet when it comes to adding more comfort to your reading. Not to mention that a cute pillow can tie up a bookish corner like nothing else!

Below there are several book-themed pillows I have selected for you. I love them all, and I can assure you, you will have trouble choosing a favourite.

Photo of a square pillow with a print of a library card.

I truly love bookish items with a print of a library card. From tote bags, to blankets, you name it. This bookish pillow is another example of a library card print I find gorgeous! $26

Photo of a white pillow with a neat personalised print of a library card, some glasses on a book on the left side and a spread grey blanket on the left.

For those who, like me, love a good library card print but also like to have it personalised, then this is your best choice! It’s a bit neater than the one above, and you can have it printed with your own names and special dates! Different colours available, too. $37

Photo of a brown pillow with pink letters saying I run on hot tea and books with a print of a tea pot, mug and stacked books in pretty pink and light blue colours

Pillows can be such a great way to convey messages! Does someone want to know what to do to make you happy? Show them this pillow and they’ll find out! Genius! $32

Photo of a white pillow with a text in red saying drink coffee read books be happy

Are you more of a coffee person? I’ve got you covered! $27

Photo of a white pillow with painted books side by side showing the spines and the text I just want to read books and drink wine, a glass of wine printed on the right side.

“But I’m a wine person…” Say no more! $26

Photo of a rectangular white pillow with the quote Ï like this place and willingly would waste my time in it"by Shakespeare.

Quotes! Pillows are a great way to showcase some literary quotes. Like this one by Shakespeare. $37

Photo of a beige pillow with the text reserved for Beatrice & her book.

They’re also great at showcasing small messages. Like this customisable one, if you need more drinks or snacks but want to save your seat. $19

Photo of a black pillow with the text Shh! I'm reading on it.

If everyone keeps interrupting you, and you can’t be bothered to lift your eyes from your book to tell them, just show them this pillow and problem solved. $17

Photo of a white pillow with the text i like big books and I cannot like written in a circle on it, a line with a rainbow colour connecting the beginning and end of the sentence and creating a full circle.

Until last year, I was convinced I didn’t like big books, and then I learned to appreciate them again. This pillow is for my peeps with a love for big books. $27

Photo of a white pillow with the print of some drawn books and the words abibliophilia, noun. the fear of running out of books

I think it is fair to say all of us readers suffer from abibliophobia. Here’s a definition on a pillow. $22

Photo of a pillow with a colourful print of books standing side by side, showing pink, yellow and blue spines, a few pink and white flowers, and below the text there is no such thing as too many books.

The perfect pillow for when someone tells you you have too many books doesn’t exist— Yes it does, and it is this pillow right here. $20

Photo of a white pillow with a print of an open book and flowers coming out of it. the text in the centre says booknerd.

I find this print of delicate flowers coming out of a book exquisite. Bonus: it can be customised. $20

Photo of a white pillow with a red heart at the centre with white letters saying reading in the shape of the heart.

This pillow is right up the alley of those who love simplicity. $27

Photo of a white pillow with a print of books, some standing, some open, some stacked, and the text I love books and hearts spread out across it.

Another print that stands out for its simplicity, but with a well-defined message. $28

Photo of a pillow with a blue background and yellow polka dots, the drawing of a blond person with green eyes and glasses holding a book with a worm on it.

If on the other side, you prefer a colourful pillow with a cartoonish drawing, this is the certified bookworm pillow to go for. $24

Photo of a pillow with a LOTR map printed on it

If you get excited when you open a book and see a map, you’ll love this one! $36

Photo of a pillow shaped like a book with the cover of Alice In Wonderland.

If you don’t look too closely, this looks like an actual book, but it is a pillow. Up close, you can tell it looks actually really comfy. This specific one has a print of the cover of Alice In Wonderland, but there are other classics to choose from. $40

Not only are these pillows cute and comfy, they will certainly be a point of conversation amongst friends and family. That may not be your favourite thing if all you want to do is read uninterrupted, but try to see it on the bright side: they’re also good to throw without creating much damage. *wink wink*. Make the best use of them!

Looking for more? Here are a few more bookish pillows, and here some cute bookish blankets to combine with them.