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Holiday Gifts for Readers Obsessed With Their Pets

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With Thanksgiving nearly here and December right around the corner, I can confidently say that it’s officially the holiday season! Yes, it’s a season of laughter, warm drinks, and delicious homemade goods, but it’s also a time to show your appreciation for loved ones. You can do that in many ways, but the holiday season often evokes images of wrapped gifts, online shopping, holiday sales, and wish lists!

As a book lover, it can be easy to give gifts to other book lovers. What’s better than purchasing a book on their long TBR? Or buying them one of your favorites? (Okay, sometimes it can be hard when you or the receiver is in a reading slump, but you understand, right?) With that said, we all have a variety of interests. I may love books, but I’m also very interested in traveling and art. You may be familiar with many book related items, but can you think of a bookish gift for a friend who loves to dance or sing? Or a little something for someone who loves books and music equally? How about a family member who loves their pets dearly? What do you give to those friends and family members?

Well, I’ve got one of those specific lists for you. I have a feeling that many people know someone that fits this type. That is: holiday gifts for book and pet lovers. Maybe you know someone like this, or you are that person. If so, read on to see bookish holiday gifts for those who adore their pets! In this post I’ll be showcasing gifts that are great for book AND pet lovers. But can we combine these interests into a single gift?

We sure can! Take a look at all the holiday, pet, and bookish goodness coming your way.

Bookish Holiday Gifts For Pet Lovers

Read books and hang out with dogs socks

Looks like I found the perfect socks to curl up with a book and a pup. Check out these Book Lover and Dog Lover socks. $20

Pet Bookmark corners

Whether you like cats or dogs, you can choose which you’d like to help you save your place in your book. Enjoy these cute and quirky Pet Bookmark Corners! $1

custom watercolor pet bookmarks

Take your bookmark game to the next level (and save your book from the horrors of folded pages) with these Custom Watercolor Pet Bookmarks. They’re lovely pieces of artwork. $7

custom hand-folded book with name

We all love to display books in our living space, but have you ever considered folded books? You can show your love for your pet with this Custom Hand-folded Name Book. $69

dog book folding patern

Like the previous item, but want something a bit different? Think you have the knack for this book folding magic? Then, you can try this Dog Book Folding Pattern. $5

custom dog holiday pajamas

What are the holidays without a good set of pajamas? And what is reading time without a comfy outfit? Well, you can enjoy some R & R with a good book and your pet in one of these Personalized Pajamas. Upload a picture of your pet and select your favorite color. $54

royal cat portrait on book page

For those that treat their pets like royalty, get a Royal Pet Portrait on Book Paper. Hang it proudly on your wall, especially during the holidays. $29–75

cat in library storage bag

Use this Cat in a Library Bag to store all your holiday goodies or the bookish holiday gifts you acquire this season! $20

I just want to read books and pet dogs sweat shirt

If you don’t want to wear your love for books and dogs on your feet, cozy up with this sweater. Buy one I Just Want to Read Books and Pet Dogs Shirt for yourself and another for a friend. $17–29

Family pet Christmas card

Want something that your friends and family will remember for years to come? Then, check out this Funny Personalized Family Pet Christmas Card! Purchase one or many more to send out. $19

Cat book locket

Keep your love for books and cats close to your heart with this Classy Book Cat Locket. $27

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