40 Bookish Needle Minders for Cross Stitchers

Literary cross-stitch patterns are wildly popular right now, and experienced stitchers know how easy it is to lose a needle! Needle minders are small magnets that attach to your aida cloth and hold your needle. Bookish needle minders are a must for literature-loving stitchers!

Harry Potter Needle Minders

For Harry Potter lovers, there is a huge collection of needle minders on Etsy.

Try this School of Wizardry and Stitchcraft needle minder!

Here’s a colorful chocolate frog needle minder.

You might like this re-branded Starbucks logo Three Broomsticks minder.

These Harry Potter house crest minders with house animals are delightful!

I love these Ron, Harry, and Hermione minders!

Get a good laugh with this I Solemnly Swear . . A Lot needle minder!

This Harry Potter cat needle minder is incomparably cute!

Childhood Favorites Needle Minders

If you want a trip down memory lane to your favorite childhood (and maybe adult) reads, here are some needle minders for you.

This whimsical bundle of Mary Poppins needle minders is perfect!

You might enjoy this glass Mary Poppins silhouette needle minder.

These Winnie the Pooh character needle minders are colorful and sweet.

You will love this Alice in Wonderland needle minder set!

Or you might prefer this simple Alice needle minder.

Who doesn’t love Pokémon? Check out these Pokémon needle minders! 

This goth Wizard of Oz needle minder might be just right for you!

Classics Needle Minders

Here are some delightful needle minders based on classic books!

Here’s a fun set of Frankenstein and Frankenstein’s bride needle minders!

If you don’t like those, here’s a set of silver Frankenstein and bride minders!

You’ll love this Smaug from Lord of the Rings needle minder.

This fancy Doors of Durin Lord of the Rings needle minder is beautiful!

Here’s an inspiring Les Misérables needle minder.

Or maybe you’d like a miniature Les Misérables book for your needle minder!

Here’s a lovely Watership Down needle minder.

Here’s a great needle minder from The Odyssey.

You might like this Double, Double, Toil and Trouble Shakespeare needle minder.

Disney Princess Needle Minders

Here are some delightful needle minders depicting Disney princesses!

These stained-glass style Beauty and the Beast needle minders are to die for!

Here’s another Starbucks logo redux with Belle’s Book Cafe.

You might like this Little Mermaid set of minders! Choose one or buy all four!

This reversible Little Mermaid silhouette minder is colorful and unique.

I love these tattooed Disney princess needle minders!

Superhero Needle Minders

Choose a superhero to hold your needle with these Superhero needle minders!

Here’s a set of superhero minders.

This Groot needle minder is the cutest!

I am loving these Girl Power superhero minders.

Who wouldn’t love these Guardians of the Galaxy needle minders?

This creepy Hydra needle minder might be for you.

Or you might be looking for a Wonder Woman needle minder.

General Bookish Needle Minders

If you’re looking for some more general minders for book lovers, here you go!

These Love to Read needle minders let you choose your background!

This books and coffee needle minder is simple and perfect!

Maybe this Read More needle minder is what you’re looking for.

Here’s a beautiful watercolor needle minder of a girl reading.

This A Reader Lives a Thousand Lives needle minder is lovely.

This heart-shaped book lover needle minder is perfect!

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