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8 Great Bookish Moments from Stranger Things Season 2

Stranger Things leaves a lot to be desired. This season didn’t really give me the major creeps or leave me astounded or particularly wanting for more, and let’s not even get started on how the show treats girls. However, I still enjoyed how a lot of the characters were book nerds, so here’s a completely spoiler-free guide to some great bookish moments from Stranger Things season 2.

#1 Jonathan Loves Vonnegut, Would Rather Read Than Go To Party

#2 Bob Dresses Up As Dracula, Is 100% Dorky Dad

#3 Eleven aka Jane Watches Frankenstein Movie

#4 Bob Is Dorky Dad Again, Calls His Ride the Bobmobile

#5 Dustin Tries to Convince Librarian to Loan Him 5 More Books, Gets Overly Metaphoric

#6 Jim Reads Anne of Green Gables to Jane; Author of This Post Tears Up

#7 Mrs. Wheeler Is Tired of Husband, Reads Johanna Lindsey in Bath

#8 Jim Remembers Sarah’s Love For Her Picture Book About Space

Bonus #9 Erica Sinclair shipping He-Man and Barbie is also something I would not say no to.

Who wins Biggest Bookworm in Hawkins?

PS: Yes, we have a reading list for you if you loved Stranger Things: here.