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Stuck on You: Bookish Magnets

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Are you the kind of person who can’t commit to something like a bookish sticker or a bookish patch because of the stress of finding the perfect spot for it to live? I love a good sticker, but I struggle with making a decision on where it goes, so I have a pile of great stickers that…I never get to see because I am too worried about being unhappy with placement. One solution for the anxious-about-commitment among us: bookish magnets. Pop one of those bad boys on a book cart or a fridge and move it around as much as you could possibly want.

I am a person who, when I choose my souvenir of choice, picks the magnet. It doesn’t necessarily need to be related to the place I’ve visited, but I love being able to actively use a thing all the time and take that walk down memory lane. The same is true for bookish magnets: I love looking at the ones I’ve collected and remembering what drew me to it or the story behind it. Gifting bookish magnets is fun, too: how easy to slide one into a birthday or holiday card or create a small stack of ’em for a full on gift. They’re small, portable, and useful. Plus, there are a billion styles, so no matter what kind of reading nerd you are, there is a bookish magnet out there for you.

Let’s take a look at some good ones.

Rad Bookish Magnets

image of a magnet that is an open book and says "libraries are for everyone."

Starting off strong with a “Libraries Are For Everyone” pride magnet. $3.

Steve Erkle magnet with the words "did i buy that?"

Tell me you are a ’90s kid without telling me you’re a ’90s kid with this incredible magnet. Did I Buy That? $12.

image of a bright colored magnet that is a stack of books. The book spines read "I Would Rather Be Reading."

Same, though. $6.

Scrabble tiles turned into a magnet. The magnet reads "Read More" in two rows. It is held by a light colored hand.

Combine your love for Scrabble and word nerdery with your love of all things books and reading with this Scraabble Read More magnet. $7.

Image of a magnet in the shape of a book cart. It has flowers on the edges and on the shelves of the cart, it has books with the words "lost in the stacks."

I would like to climb inside this magnet and live there. $5.

Image of a merit-badge shaped magnet. It reads "endless TBR" in the center, and it is shades of pastel pink, purple, green, and yellow. It is on a green book cart.

Award yourself this merit badge style magnet for having an endless TBR. It sure does look nice on a book cart that holds your TBR! $5.

Image of a whit hand holding a magnet in the shape of a ticket. It says "fantasy book club: admit one." It features a knife and vampire-style wings.

This seller has a whole bunch of fun magnets, including several ticket-style options for other genres, but I love this fantasy book club one! $5.

Image of 5 different magnets for 5 different genres, including horror, fantasy, romance, historical fiction, and suspense.

Choose your genre! $4 and up.

Image of a magnet designed like a tarot card. It says "the book." It's being held by a white hand in front of some greenery.

For readers who also love all things tarot, a lovely tarot cart magnet featuring The Book. I honestly wouldn’t mind living inside this magnet, either. $4.

Image of a rainbow bookshelf magnet

Love a good rainbow shelf? This one would look great on your fridge. $4.

Image of a white hand holding a magnet. The magnet is in the shape of an open book, and there are flowers growing from inside the book.

I love that this magnet is simply called “Reading Is Magic.” Yes it is. $4.

Image of a stack of magnets. They are black with neon blue letters. The words say "I Frickin Love Books."

Keep it simple: i frickin love books, too. $4.

Image of a white hand holding a magnet in the shape of a tote bag. The tote reads "book tote vibes" and has purple flowers on it.

How damn cute is this book tote vibes magnet? So damn cute. $4.

Image of a magnet that is blue with a peach colored book. The book has a text bubble which reads "ask me what I'm reading" in pink.

Imagine someone coming to your house and heading to the fridge for a drink. They come back and do just this — ask you what you’re reading. That is a good friend. $5.

Image of a pink magnet designed like a pop up notification. It says "reminder: read more books. okay."

The only kind of pop up notification a reader wants. $4.

Magnet of a stack of black books with holographic-style coloring on the pages.

This book stack magnet reminds me of a holographic sticker. It’d sure pop on a white or steel fridge (or any color book cart!). $4.

Image of a colorful magnet that reads "bibliophile."

Last but not least, get your colorful bibliophile magnet on. $3.