Bookish Leggings for Classics Lovers, Comics Readers, and General Literary Folks

Do leggings count as pants? I do not claim to know the answer. I know that I’ve worn them both under skirts and shorts as well as alone in all their glory. I say they can be worn however you like because what you wear is no one else’s business but your own. Naysayers be damned! I feel like some of these bookish and literary leggings are too great to be covered even partially. I’m not saying these bookish leggings should be worn as pants, I’m just saying I certainly would not complain if you did.

Bookish leggings for the generalist

Book Lover Leggings

Read More Books Leggings

Bookish leggings for those looking for something more classic

Sylvia Plath I Am Leggings

Frankenstein The Modern Prometheus Leggings

Classic Book Covers Leggings

Poekadot Leggings

Alice in Wonderland Icons Leggings

Disney Alice in Wonderland Icons Leggings

Bookish leggings for fans of Harry Potter

Marauder’s Map Leggings

Slytherin Leggings (also available in Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff)

Daily Prophet Leggings (limited sizes available)

Ravenclaw High-Waisted Ninja Pants (I don’t know what ninja pants are, but these are also available in Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Gryffindor)

Fantastic Beasts Icons Leggings

Hogwarts Leggings (limited sizes available)

Harry Potter Fair Isle Pattern Leggings

Harry Potter Symbol Leggings (limited sizes available)

Bookish leggings for the comics lovers

Harley Quinn Leggings (only size XXS left)

DC Superheroes Onomatopoeia Leggings (limited sizes available)

Wonder Woman Logo Mesh Insert Leggings

Harley Quinn Bombshell Leggings (size 3x currently out of stock)

Wonder Woman Bombshell Leggings