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Spice Up Your Cooking Space with Bookish Kitchen Goods

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When the pandemic initially hit and the U.S. went into lockdown, social media was packed to the brim with folks learning to cook or honing the skills they already had. It was such a nice thing to see.

Now that the weather has warmed up, some of that same drive and energy are moving from the kitchen to the backyard in the form of grilling.

Given our new found love and comfort in the kitchen, it seems only right to spruce it up. Let’s take a look at an array of bookish kitchen utensils, decorations, and other goods to create a whole new chapter for your kitchen.

Bookish Kitchen Goods

Add a “Nothing gold can stay” can opener to your drawer. $10 and up.

Pretty AND practical, this set of Hobbit coasters will keep your table and counters free from liquid residue. $10 for two.

This Shakespeare pun print is going on my wall ASAP. $18 and up, with color options.

Keep your essentials close at hand with Alice in Wonderland magnets. $9 for a set of six.

For readers who love some of the classics (by white men). Great quotes fill these magnets. $20 for the set of five.

Bling your bubbly with these book wine glass charms. $17.

I know you already have 50 literary mugs in your kitchen, but consider this your permission slip for this one. $12.

This hand towel is so bright and fun and full of love and adoration for the library. $14.

Who doesn’t need a set of Cthulhu cupcake liners? $4 for a set of 50.

Nevermore, quoth the Raven. Nevermore will you go without delicious tea, quoth the Poe tea pot. $20.

With your tea pot, you’ll need a tea infuser. This Alice in Wonderland inspired infuser would be perfect. $12.

What a gorgeous literary tea towel. $24.

Your fancy cheese plates deserve a punny cheese knife, courtesy of the Bard. $17.

Pop a book table cloth over your dining table. $94 and up.

If you need a wine stopper, best to make it a literary one. $20.

Add a little Agatha Christie to your napkin with these fun napkin rings. Murder mystery party time! $21.

Carry your favorite Black women writers on this mug. $32.

These library placemats are much safer to use than a book beneath your plate or cup. $31 and up.

And this book apron has pockets! $28.

Customize this Game of Thrones wooden cutting board. $80.

Grab one—or a ton—of hand-made Lord of the Rings wooden spoons. $20 and up.

So many great rocks glasses out there for book lovers. This one is particularly good! $15.

Obsessed with this personalized vintage typewriter cutting board. $36 and up.

Every kitchen needs a good clock. You can choose your book here, and how fun would a cook book be? $39 and up.