Bookish Hashtag: ’80sABook Edition

A beautiful thing happened on Twitter: people came together for the bookish hashtag #80sABook.

Some of the tweets were SO Totally ’80s Awesome that I started imagining the book covers which–combined with my inspiration from Rioter Eric’s book designing post–led to my Photoshop skills being put to good use. I don’t know about you but I would read the hell out of these.


My Sister's Trapper Keeper 80sABook





the golden girls on the train 80sabook



lord of the ringwald 80sabook



life of magnum PI 80sABook



push it real good 80sABook


Pee Wee Herman has always lived in the castle 80sABook


saved by the bell jar 80sABook


are you there god 80sabook

Got anymore? I’ll be here singing my heart out to Toy Soldier.