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Bookish Goods for Margaret Rogerson Fans

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Margaret Rogerson may only have three YA fantasy novels on shelves, but judging by the massive amount of bookish swag you can purchase inspired by her work, they're very popular with readers and have inspired a loyal fanbase. Rogerson's books, each one a standalone, are notable for the very different worlds she constructs and their memorable characters and premises.

Rogerson's debut novel, An Enchantment of Ravens, is about a human painter named Isobel whose paintings are sought after by the fair folk because they lack the ability to create art. But when she angers her first royal patron, an autumn prince, Isobel is kidnapped and taken to his kingdom. In Sorcery of Thorns, Elisabeth is a librarian's apprentice, brought up to believe that all sorcery is dangerous. Her duty as a librarian is to protect the world from dangerous grimoires, but when one escapes and she's blamed for it, Elisabeth finds herself reluctantly aligned with a notorious sorcerer and his sly demon servant to clear her name. And Rogerson's latest release, Vespertine, is about Artemisia, a novitiate in an order of nuns who are responsible for cleansing the dead so they don't come back as dangerous revenants…but when her sisters are attacked, Artemisia finds herself turning to powerful dark magic to keep the ones she loves safe.

If you're a big fan of one or all of Rogerson's books, then look no further for some fun bookish items inspired by her work!

An Enchantment of Ravens

A sticker with a black raven, autumn leaves, and the text "Ah, but you were not a pawn. All along you have been the queen"

You Are the Queen Sticker ($4): One of the iconic lines from the book!

A soy candle in a jar with an autumnal label that reads "Rook"

Rook Candle ($18): Inspired by the hero of the book, this candle smells like the best of fall, with a hint of danger.

A mug with a raven and the quote "You are like a living rose among wax flowers. We may last forever, but you bloom brighter and smell sweeter, and draw blood with your thorns.”

Enchantment of Ravens Mug ($18): Drink your favorite fall beverage out of this very autumnal and magical mug!

A Sorcery of Thorns

An enamel pin in the shape of a stack of books with the text on spines reading "It's always wise to be polite to books, whether or not they could hear you"

Be Polite to Books Enamel Pin ($8): It's always wise to be polite to books, especially ones that live in this world!

A blue bookmarks that reads "You belonged in the library, as much as any book" with an illustration go a bird

Library Bookmark ($2): The perfect bookmark for Sorcery of Thorns fans and book lovers in general!

An enamel pin of a fluffy white cat and a small girl

Silas Pin ($11): Silas is a demon who can also turn into a fluffy cat and what's not to love about that?

An enamel sword charm on a chain

Elisabeth's Sword Necklace ($18): Never underestimate Elisabeth and her sword!

An enamel pin with a hand, quill pen and ink, and the words "ink and parchment flowed through her veins"

Ink and Parchment Flowed Through Her Veins Enamel Pin ($10): Same, Elisabeth.


A magnetic bookmark with a Funk Pop style illustration of Artemisia from Vespertine

Vespertine Magnetic Bookmark ($7): This fun illustration of Artemisia is a magnetic bookmark, so you won't lose your place…or the bookmark!

A dark-haired custom POP designed to look like Artemisia from Vespertine

Artemisia Custom Funko Pop ($211): If you love Funko Pops, then don't sleep on this one-of-a-kind Pop from Vespertine!

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