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Bookish Goods for Emily Henry Fans

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Annika Barranti Klein

Staff Writer

Annika Barranti Klein likes books, obviously.   Twitter: @noirbettie

I’m a sucker for an Emily Henry romance novel, and judging by my brief forays into romance TikTok, I’m not the only one. You know what else I enjoy? Book-themed T-shirts, tote bags, bookmarks, stickers, art prints, and anything else the genius artists on Etsy can think of. (Candles! Scented candles based on specific books! Sorcery.)

Maybe you love Beach Read the most, with January and Gus finding their favorite people in each other. You might love People We Meet on Vacation, where Poppy and Alex pine for each other. Perhaps your favorite is Book Lovers, in which Nora and Charlie find that they can read each other like a book. Or maybe your favorite Emily Henry novel will be Happy Place (April 2023). No matter which it is…

Enjoy these delightful finds of bookish goods for Emily Henry fans!

t-shirt featuring art from Beach Read and People We Meet on Vacation

Wear your love for Beach Read and People We Meet on Vacation with this adorable tee featuring art from the covers! Available in 19 colors up to a size 5X. $18–25

Sunshine Falls, South Carolina tote with black line art

You might need a tote bag to carry your Book Lovers swag, so how about this one with Sunshine Falls, South Carolina, line art? $15

tote bag with postage stamp art for Sunshine Falls, South Carolina

If you prefer color, check out this tote with adorable postage stamp art! Available as shown or in black. $28

tote bag with the Goode Books logo

Save a local business with Nora and Libby and this Goode Books tote. Also available in black. $14

Emily Henry quote bookmarks

Mark your page with these Emily Henry quote bookmarks. $2.50 each.

Sunshine Falls sticker

Decorate your laptop or water bottle with this cute Sunshine Falls, North Carolina, sticker. $3

Beach Read quote print

Print your own wall art with this Beach Read quote print digital download! $7

People We Meet on Vacation quote print

Or maybe you prefer this art print with a quote from People We Meet on Vacation. Digital download. $5

Book Lovers pair of quote prints

Or (third time’s the charm?) this pair of Book Lovers quote art prints, also a digital download. $6

Emily Henry book boyfriend candles

And last, but definitely not least, check out these book boyfriend candles featuring Augustus, Alex, and Charlie! 10.50 each