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Bookish Gifts for the James Bond Fan

Amanda Nelson

Staff Writer

Amanda Nelson is an Executive Director of Book Riot. She lives in Richmond, VA.

James Bond is a bazillion dollar (rough estimate) film franchise, but around these parts we will proclaim from the rooftops that they were books first! BOOKS, BLAST YOU! So for no other reason than that I’ve been craving a shaken martini (I don’t actually know the difference between one that’s shaken or stirred, tell no one), I present to the fans of the James Bond books: James Bond swaggy-swag.

He’s cuter than Roger Moore, at least: Bond Dog print

bond dog

Just Pretend It’s a Book Cover: Casino Royale Cigarette Case

james bond cigarette case

A Bond/Star Wars Mashup T-Shirt: the Stuff My Dreams Are Made Of (Of Which My Dreams Are Made?)

cantina royale

Q Lapel Pin: Because Q is Actually Maybe Sort of Cooler Than Bond (And yes, this is technically a pin some villains wear in the movies, but I like to pretend it’s for the guy who made the cars all nifty, so.)

q lapel pin

Mac Decal: For When You Want to Feel Like a Badass While You Work on Those Quarterly Reports at Starbucks:

macbook decal

Bond Typographic Print: Have Nothing Snarky To Add, It’s Just Cool Looking

bond print

Bond Cufflinks: Someone Cut Up The Book To Make These, Good Thing That Doesn’t Bother Me

bond cufflinks

James Bond Bracelet

james bond bracelet

James Bond Parody Tea Poster: Bond Would Probably Hate This, Good Thing He’s Not Real!

james bond tea poster

iPad/Kindle Case: Because Bond Wouldn’t Read No Paper Books (YES HE WOULD DON’T STEAL MY DREAMS)

james bond ipad cover