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10 Incredible Bookish Etsy Shops

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Anytime I’m shopping for a gift giving occasion, one of my favorite places to turn to is Etsy. I love the quality, creativity, and vast variety of items that can be found there. I’ve bought everything from earrings to mugs. But I’m most drawn to all this literary– suprise, suprise, I know. It can be hard to find exactly what you’re looking for, though. There are so many sellers on Etsy, it can become a bit overwhelming. Which is why sometimes you need help–like, say, a handy-dandy round up of some great places to start.

If you’re looking for your new favorite etsy shop or a great place to find some bookish goodies–for yourself or others–I’ve got you covered. These 10 incredible bookish etsy shops are everything you need– trust me.

10 Incredible Bookish Etsy Shops | bookriot.com

Obvious State

“Literary Art Prints & Book Lover Gifts”

Obvious State Mug and Tote from 10 Incredible Bookish Etsy Shops | bookriot.com

Book quote mugs, gorgeous floral totes featuring Romantic poets, dramatic black and white art prints. This shop is perfect for anyone who loves books but doesn’t want to sacrifice their style. I particularly love this spoon patterned mug featuring a quote from T. S. Eliot’s “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” and this floral poetry tote.


Sweet Sequels

“Bookish Delights for You and Your Little”

Sweet Sequels Fantasy Blanket and Shire Shirt from 10 Incredible Bookish Etsy Shops | bookriot.com

The cutestiest bookish Etsy shop to ever exist. Lots of lovely art prints sold alone or as designs on quilts, swaddling blankets, shirts, pillows, and book sleeves. I want it all! But this fantasy blanket featuring Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Chronicles of Narnia prints and this Shire shirt are both exceedingly cute.



“Book Lovers Soy Candles & Handmade Goods for Book Nerds”

Frostbeard Candles from 10 Incredible Bookish Etsy Shops | bookriot.com

One of my favorite bookish shops! I love books and I love candles, so what could be better than a shop that brings the scents of my favorite books to life? This Oxford Library candle makes me feel like I’m reading in the Bodleian and this Sassenach candle is perfect for Outlander fans.


Literary Emporium

“Literature Gifts for Book Lovers”

Literary Emporium Frankenstein Shirt and Shakespeare Pin from 10 Incredible Bookish Etsy Shops | bookriot.com

Gorgeous enamel pins featuring Shakespeare quotes, bookish earrings, and tee-shirts with subtle literary nods. Lots of lovely designs for the stylish book nerd. This Frankenstein anatomical heart shirt is so perfect, and I love this enamel pin featuring a quote from Shakespeare’s “The Taming of the Shrew.”


Jane Mount

“Ideal Bookshelf”

Jane Mount Ideal Bookshelf and Book Pin from 10 Incredible Bookish Etsy Shops | bookriot.com

You’ve probably seen–and maybe drooled over– some of these gorgeous Ideal Bookshelf prints floating around. Now you know where you can get one for yourself! This shop has tons of different Ideal Bookshelf prints like this one featuring a Jane Austen stack as well as adorable enamel pins like this Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy book pin.


Fable & Black

“Books and Magick”

Fable & Black Mad-Eye Moody HP Pin and Harry Potter Notebook from 10 Incredible Bookish Etsy Shops | bookriot.com

This shop is chock full of adorable enamel pin and badges as well as cute notebooks and other bookish goodies. If you’re not in love with this Mad-Eye Moody pin and Magical Herbs & Fungi notebook, then you must be Confunded or something because they’re the cutest.



“Where Style Meets Literature”

Storiarts Book Quote Scarf and Tote from 10 Incredible Bookish Etsy Shops | bookriot.com


If you’ve ever wanted to wear your favorite book around your neck, this is the Etsy shop for you! This literary scarf features passages from Persuasion and this book tote is inspired by Strange the Dreamer.


Chick lit designs

“Designer Book Purses, Clutches, iPad and Phone Cases”

Chick Lit Designs Alice in Wonderland Clutch and Pride and Prejudice Phone Case from 10 Incredible Bookish Etsy Shops | bookriot.com


Book clutches and book cover phone cases– the perfect way to make sure no one ever questions your love of books. You can find all sorts of beautiful designs like this lovely Alice in Wonderland book clutch and this Pride and Prejudice phone case.



“A Jane Austen-Inspired Shop”

Brookish Jane Austen Tee Shirts from 10 Incredible Bookish Etsy Shops | bookriot.com

Austen-lovers only! This shop features a collection of lovely, understated Jane Austen print tees. I especially love this shirt featuring Darcy’s proposal and this shirt with a list of Austen heroes.


Artisanal Ané

“Items to fulfill your bookish needs”

Artisanal Ane Book Sleeves from 10 Incredible Bookish Etsy Shops | bookriot.com

These days, every book nerd is looking for the perfect book sleeve. There are lots of great options out there, but I’m in love with this galaxy one. And if space exploration isn’t your style, this shop has lots of other options including an option to customize your order.


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